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Every Wednesday, I do a quick clean-up of the house in preparation for our cleaning lady coming on Thursday, on the premise that she can’t possibly clean if there’s “stuff” scattered all over the house instead of being put away where it belongs. That includes putting away whatever sex toys, books, or weapons of ass destruction might be lying around.

Hey, my cleaning lady is old, I don’t want to be responsible for giving her a coronary. 😉

In the midst of cleaning up the bedroom last night, I was sorting through the pile of toys on the bed, and I realized something was missing.

“Where are the butt plugs?” I muttered to myself.

Himself, chuckling, replied “That’s not a phrase that probably comes up in ordinary conversation for most people.”

Hm. Yeah, probably not. Then again, no one has ever accused us of being like “most people.” 😀