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You are my Top, my Dom, my Sir, my Master, my Daddy.

Bend me to your will, even when I resist. ESPECIALLY when I resist. I crave it, I need it, above everything else. My soul sings when you flog me, spank me, beat me, but nothing compares to knowing that you own me, heart and soul, body and mind.

That tone in your voice, that look in your eye, that tell me “You are mine. You have given yourself to me, and I have accepted you, and you are mine. Mine to play with, mine to love, mine to cherish, mine to do with as I please.”

Even writing that, thinking that, makes me throb, makes me wet. Please, please, own me, rule me, dominate me, take me.

I offer you my submission, my adoration, my loyalty, my body, my heart, my soul, and my mind.

I will fight you sometimes, I will resist you, but never think that means that I don’t, in the end, want to submit. Sometimes, I need you to make me. Sometimes, I need you to remind me that you are the Master, and I am the wench.

I am drawn to the dark, the dangerous, the menacing. You cherish me and support me and protect me; and still you are my dangerous man, the one who dances on the edge, who binds me and in so doing, sets me free.

You show me my own darkness; I take joy in my deviance, in being your wench, your slut, your whore–only yours; always, only, yours.

For you, I take the cane, the lash, the blow. No, not just take; I crave them–the brief searing pain, and the euphoria that follows; my body will drip for you, as I beg for your cock.

Fuck my throat, Master, and my cunt will swell and flower for you. Fuck my cunt, deep and hard, and I will bow down and open to you. Put your cock to my ass and I will beg you: please, Master, Daddy, more, please, yes, fuck me there.

Lick me, bite me, suck me; use your cock like a sword, and sink your soul into me. Claim me, mark me, use me; I will take it all. I will obey your every command, because I am your toy, your woman, your wench, your slave. Let me serve you, please you, satisfy you.

And when I do, please, tell me again that I am yours, that I did well, that I am a good girl.

Take me.

Own me.

Master me.