About Me

I am kinky, I’m a feminist, and I’m submissive.

I’ve been kinky pretty much all my life; I first remember having kinky fantasies–of being tied up–when I was 9 years old.

I’ve been a feminist pretty much all my life too; from the time I was 4-5 years old I remember getting pissed that people seemed to think I shouldn’t be able to do certain things because I was a girl. Or that I should have to do other things because I was a girl. Or that they should be able to do things to/with me that I didn’t want, because I was a girl.

I’ve been with my husband for 15 years, and we’ve always been kinky together. He’s also always been dominant, which I fought and struggled against for a long time, despite actually enjoying and wanting it.

Part of my struggle in submitting was the feeling that I shouldn’tย wantย to submit. I mean, I’m aย feminist, fer chrissakes! Didn’t submitting, taking on the traditional female position, betray all that? All my own struggles, the struggles of the women before me, the struggles of the women of my own generation, had been to free me from subjugation. Right?

Suffice to say, it’s been a long process.

I finally gave in to my desires and offered my submission to him in 2001, willingly, although still a bit fearfully. As the years have passed our trust has grown, and the fearfulness and caution I felt in the beginning are gone.

What changed? I realized that submission is a choice. It is not because I, or my Husband/Master, feel that I am inferior to him. It is not because I am a doormat, because I don’t know my own mind, because I’m afraid of life, because I want to be abused, or because I feel that I don’t deserve any better. In all the rest of my life, I am a strong woman. I stand for social justice. I stand up for myself, other women, and anyone/thing else that needs advocacy.

And I am strong in my submission, too. I submit because I want to, not because I’m being forced. I submit because it fills a deep need in me, one which I never knew I had, and because it’s fucking hawt. But mostly, I submit because my Master is who he is. I have never kneeled to another man, and never will–only HE has earned my submission. I give it to him joyfully.

29 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. deviantdiaries said:

    Congrats! I’ve nominated you for the Lovely Blogger Award! Working on the post now…

  2. LadyGold said:

    And just because we are submissive does not mean we are stupid!

  3. deviantdiaries said:

    Well said….its something I recently discovered about myself but haven’t found the right Sir to submit to. Most others in my “vanilla life” would NEVER peg me as submissive (giggles). Its the best secret ever…but damn I wish my Sir would find me already…been waiting 3 long ass years

  4. Hey DW, just found you through 40 Oz. You sound very interesting – a lot like Lo. When we’re up and running again, you’re welcome to come by and a pay us a visit!


    • Hello, H.H.! I just found you stuck in my spam-box. Oops.

      There are much worse things than to be a lot like Lo. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Thank you for the invite. I look forward to the further adventures of you and your dear nymph.

  5. We think you two are Awesome and Beautiful. Why? Because we said so! http://thedomnextdoor.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/were-pink-leather-unicorn-awesome-twice/

  6. I got an invite but nothing

  7. I got in well so to speak

  8. Hi Deviant
    You should delete this “maintenance comment” after reading:-)
    There in an error on your Gravitar page. It should link to your blog, but it has tried to go to htdeviantwench (as in http: etc) instead of deviantwench.
    Don’t want you missing the visitors you deserve and the pages they need.

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