Good Morning, Sir!


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For Himself, who is out of town, something to remember me by. 😉


“This Is My Mark of Ownership”


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This is my new public cuff (and, also, my Christmas present). Isn’t it pretty?


We’ve been looking since before Christmas, trying to find something that was just right.


I didn’t want something typical, something trendy, or something that you can find in every department store in the world.

No, I wanted something unique, something that looked like me, something I could wear every day. Something that FELT like a cuff to me, so I would know, every second that I am wearing it, that I am owned. That I belong to Him. That he is my Master.


Friday, we went antiquing and we found it! The perfect cuff. It’s sterling, it’s solid, it’s lighter than it looks but heavy enough to remind me that it’s there. And Himself says it looks like “me.”


Last night, he told me “this is my mark of ownership.”


And my mark of being Owned.

I am yours, Sir. Always.



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“You like bouncing against my balls, don’t you.” A statement, not a question.

Mmmmmph? I ask sleepily.

“Especially when my dick is buried balls-deep in your ass.”

Mmmmmph! I say again, a little more awake this time.

“I like it when you bounce your ass off my balls too.”

You do?

“I do. And I think I’m going to fuck your tight little ass tonight so you can bounce off my balls. Would you like that?”

Oh, god, yes Sir!

“Get yourself ready for me”

Yes, Sir…what do you want me to do?

“You’re going to fetch your vibrating plug, and I’m going to stuff it in your ass.”

Mmm, yes, Sir…

“Then I’m going to turn it on.”


“And then I’m going to go to sleep.”

I whimper loudly in protest.

“In one hour, you’re going to wake me up by sucking my cock. And when I’ve had enough of that, I’m going to fuck you in the ass. Do you understand?”

Yes, Sir, I understand, I sigh, relieved.

“Good girl. Now go get your toy.”   I scramble to the toy drawer and pull out the purple anal bead vibrator.

Is this one okay?

“Is that the one you want?”  I nod vigorously while rolling a condom over it. “Then it’s fine. Now, get up here and show me your ass,” he says, patting the bed.

I kneel in presentation, jumping a little when he smooths cold lube over and around my tight hole. He slides his finger in just a bit to tease me, and I thrust back against him, moaning.

“Hmmmm….I think your ass is ready for plugging.”

I make a garbled noise, incoherent and slightly desperate.

The toy nudges against me and I open myself, spreading my legs and thrusting back against it. He slides it in bead by bead, until it’s in as far as it will go. He twists the cap, and the Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  make me jump again. Oh god, it feels so good. I wiggle my ass at him, shivering all over.

“You like that, don’t you, you little slut?” he chuckles.

Oh, Daddy, yes. It feels so good.

“Do you remember your instructions?”

Yes, Sir. I’m supposed to lie here with the plug in my ass for an hour and then I’m supposed to wake you up by sucking your cock and then you’re going to fuck my tight little ass.”

Another chuckle. “Good girl. Let me sleep now.”   I lie beside him in the dark, with the toy is buzzing away in my ass. It’s good, but something’s missing….

Sir, is it okay if I get my vibrator out too?

“Yes, you can use your vibrator. But be quiet now and let me sleep.”

Yes, Sir, I whisper.

I grab my new Emotional Bliss Femblossom vibe, along with some Supple Nipples Tit Suckers, and settle in to keep myself entertained for an hour.

I play with the vibrator for awhile until my clit starts to really sit up and take notice, and then put one of the nipple suckers on it. It sets my clit on fire, and my pussy gushes. I put the other two on my nipples, squeezing to get just the right amount of suction….ah, that’s it.

I let myself sink into the sensations–the engorgement in my nipples and clit, the vibration in my ass, my dripping pussy while I think about the fact that I am readying myself for my Master, which turns me on even more. My swollen clit is begging for attention, so I rub my massager up against the suction cup…the combination of vibration and suction almost makes me come undone.

I glance at the clock, and….20 minutes? It’s only been 20 MINUTES?? Crap! How am I going to survive another 40 minutes of this?! My clit is so tingly and wet now I can hardly stand it! I flop back down on the bed in disgust and frustration.

My movement disturbs Himself, who rolls over in his sleep and squeezes my breasts, then slides his hand down to my cunt. He pauses briefly when he encounters the suction cup on my clit, making a sleepy, questioning sound before he grabs it and tugs on it. I am seconds from going off like a rocket when he abruptly stops and rolls back over again.

I consider, suspiciously, that he might not actually be asleep, and that he did that just to wind me up a little more. In other words, I think he’s fucking with me. Then I remember…this whole scenario is set up to fuck with me! Right. I almost forgot that in the haze of pleasure surrounding me. 🙂

With 15 minutes left, the suction cups come off. My clit is swollen and exquisitely sensitive, and I start to stroke it.

The first orgasm takes me by surprise, hard and fast. I pant quietly, trying to let Himself sleep as ordered, but it’s so hard not to moan when it feels so good!

I rest a minute and then go at it again. The second orgasm is even stronger, and I gasp at the force of it while the shockwaves roll over me…

When it’s over, I realize the plug in my ass in no longer vibrating, and I reach down to find it hot to the touch. Oops–looks like I’ve killed another one! I turn it off and lie quietly, watching the clock count down the minutes…

And then it’s time.

I roll over and squirm under the covers. Himself is facing me, his cock hidden in the crevice between his thighs. I move his leg gently to so I can take him in my mouth…

I love sucking his cock when it’s soft, holding it in my mouth while it grows and hardens, and I whimper with the pleasure it gives me. He wakes slowly as I bring his cock to life with my tongue, and turns on the light so he can watch me suck him. He pushes my face down and I lick his balls enthusiastically. When he pulls me up by my hair to suck him again, my clit throbs with excitement, and I groan as moisture floods my cunt again.

“Ah, my little whore likes that, does she?”

Mmmph, mmph mmph, I mumble around his hard cock. Mmmph, mmph!!

He laughs, then grabs my hair again, pulling my mouth away from him. I mewl in protest and strain toward him, trying to pull his cock back into my mouth, until he gives my hair a little shake.

I look up into his eyes, dark with desire and crinkled in amusement, and smile back at him, feeling suddenly shy.

He order me to turn around, so I pivot and present my rump to him. He turns the vibrator on (apparently I didn’t kill it after all, I just wore it out 😉 )  and fucks me with it. I arch and moan until he growls, pulls the toy out, and kneels up to rub the head of his cock against me. Lust shoots through me and I push back against him.

He’s a lot bigger than the toy, and it hurts a little when he pushes the head in. I gasp and whimper a little, and he pauses to let me adjust.

“Okay now?” he asks me, tenderness and concern mixed with the Dom Voice.

Mmm-hm, I sigh, it feels good.

“Do you want more?”

Oh, yes, please, Daddy.

“Please, what?”

Please, please fuck my ass!

Then he’s pounding me, hitting bottom (heh) with every thrust, and I’m panting and begging for more, please, more! My arousal spirals up and up and up every time his balls slap against my cunt, the tension building and building as I rub my clit. Then he slams into me hard, shuddering and growling, and I know he’s coming in me, deep in my ass, claiming it, claiming me…and my ass belongs to him and only him, and that thought tips me over the edge into a third orgasm, the strongest yet, my cunt clenching, my ass grabbing his cock and holding tight while I ride out the waves.

Oh god oh god oh god, I cry, I’m coming, Daddy, I’m coming! Thank you, Daddy, thank you, thank you….

Later, satiated and happy, we lie curled together, spooning. “Good wench,” he whispers, nuzzling my hair, as I fall asleep in his arms.

In which I get all mushy for a few minutes.


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This, right here, this is how Himself makes me feel.

I love you, Sir.

40 Kinky Questions


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I didn’t like the other ones so I made my own. C’mon, y’all, help me start my own meme!! LOL

1. Have you ever had sex in three or more positions in one session? Most of the time. At least with Himself, anyway. He has stamina.

2. Have you ever had sex continuously for 1 hour or more? Yep. Makes for a sore but happy wench. 

3. Have you ever devoted an entire day to sex and sexual activity (with breaks for eating, etc)? Yes, but it’s been awhile. We’re not as young as we used to be. 

4. Have you ever been so loud having sex that housemates/neighbors commented or complained? Does “You know, your voice….carries….” count? LOL

5. Have you ever had your sexual technique/style/skill openly praised by someone? Himself has said, “Oh god, you are amazing.” And also, “Oh my god, you turn me on.” ::smiling proudly::

6. Have you ever written an explicitly erotic story? Yes.

7. Have you ever brought your partner to orgasm using only your hands? Yes. (? Hasn’t everyone done that?)

8. Have you ever licked or sucked on someone else’s feet and/or toes? Licked or sucked? No, not licked…or sucked….. 😉

9. Have you ever had sex with someone you’re not married to? Erm, yeah. Child of the ’70s here…

10. Have you ever had sex with someone who’s married to someone else? Yes, twice, with different people.

11. Have you ever had sex simultaneously with two people—MMF? MFF? Nope. It’s one of my fondest fantasies, though. I’d be happy with either mix. Some day….

12. Have you ever had anal sex? Yes!!!

13. Have you ever gone out in public while wearing an anal plug? Yes. And turned on the vibrator on command. Makes it hard to concentrate on, you know, frozen peas. Or whatever. 😉

14. Have you ever been told you’re dirty because of the things you say? I have gotten some shocked reactions, yeah.

15. Have you ever gotten really turned on by saying or hearing dirty talk? OMG, yes. Himself is so good at that. “First I’m going to….and then I’m going to…and then I’m going to make you…” ::pant pant::

16. Have you ever had sexual fantasies related to or involving submission, domination, suppression, forced intercourse, infliction of pain, bondage, hot wax, nipples clamps, etc…? Oh honey, yes. That’s the ONLY kind of sexual fantasies I have. 🙂

17. Have you ever been involved in any sexual activities you would describe as kinky? Wait…is that a trick question?

18. Have you ever realized that you are much more sexually open-minded/kinky than most of your previous partners and/or friends? ::laughing:: all the time.

19. Have you ever been part of an S/M roleplay (master/mistress/slave), domination (as the dominant/submissive part), or being victim of pain (such as whipping, caning, hot wax on genitals, nippleclamps/genital clamps etc.)? Mmm Hmmm!

20. Have you ever identified as bisexual–to yourself? to partners? to friends? Yes, yes, and yes.

21. Have you ever fantasized about or practiced orgasm control/denial? Yes. I love it and I hate it.

22. Have you ever daydreamed about sexual activities exceeding what most people consider “normal” sex? ::laughing helplessly:: Lord, yes.

23. Have you ever gotten really turned on by fantasizing about/witnessing gay or lesbian sex? Oh, yes. I find gay male sex/porn to be incredibly hot. Lesbian sex too, in real life anyway, but most professional lesbian porn sucks, since it’s aimed at men. o.O

24. Have you ever tried scissoring? No….but it’s on my short list of “want-tos.”

25. Have you ever performed oral sex on a man? Yep.

26. Have you ever performed oral sex on a woman? Yep! Long time, though.

27. Have you ever received oral sex from a man? Yep.

28. Have you ever received oral sex from a woman? Yep. Again—it’s been a long time.

29. How old were you the first time you had sex? 15

30. Where? The back of a Pinto wagon. Gawd, high school sucked. 😉

31. How many partners? That depends on your definition of “partner.” I’ve had sex with 4 people—3 men, 1 woman. I’ve fooled around with….well, more than that. ::grin::

32. Have you ever practiced BDSM on yourself (bondage, nipple clamps, hot wax, suction, electro-stim, etc etc etc)? Yes. That’s generally how I’ve figured out what I like. 

33. Have you had more or fewer lovers than your current partner? Fewer.

34. Have you ever had sex in front of other people? Uh-huh. 

35. Did you know them? Actual intercourse, yes, twice, in front of my BFF. Oral or other sex play, yes (long ago) and no (more recently, at sex clubs).

36. Did you like it? More, please!! I am an exhibitionist. 😀

37. Have you ever had a crush on a fellow blogger here on WordPress? A few. There are some really fucking hot women writing here. 

38. Have you ever met anyone through AFF, OKCupid, Kassidie, or another site? Had a hook-up through Craigslist once. Hoping to find someone for more than a hook-up one of these days….I need some female energy in my life.

39. Have you ever had an orgasm without any direct stimulation (not counting dreams)? Years ago, shortly after we first started our D/s journey, I had my first hands-free orgasm from Himself coming on my face. It was pretty effing cool. 😀

40. Do you like being called dirty names during sex? God, yes. Himself calls me My slut, My whore, My cum-slut, My wench, My little slave-girl….mmmm. They turn me on and put me in an instant, happy subbie space. 

Putting Myself in His Hands


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Such a short acronym, and yet it encompasses so very very much.

Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission, Sadism & Masochism.

When I was young, I knew I was kinky. I liked bondage, giving and receiving. I had fantasies, which I never admitted to my ex (and first lover), about being tied to an altar, fucked by a long line of anonymous men in hooded robes. In another favorite, shared (for many years) only with a BFF when we were both in middle school, I was tied up so that a waterfall hit my clit, forcing me to have orgasm after orgasm. I got turned on by the idea of forced sex, the stereotypical “rape fantasy” that most men (including too many in the BDSM world) don’t understand at all. But somehow, the power exchange inherent in most of those fantasies escaped my conscious notice. I certainly never envisioned anything approaching what I now know to be power exchange, or willing submission.

Further on in life, my fantasies evolved. More things that I never would have found appealing in my younger years began to hold fascination for me. One such fascination was with domination—although I can’t remember fantasizing about being dominated. No, I fantasized about dominating others—a male friend I knew to be freaky brought out a playfully dominant streak in me; but it was a girlfriend who aroused strong feelings of dominance, protection, and control that I’d never experienced before.

During many years in the goth scene, I danced around the edges of BDSM. I wore the gear–a collar, gauntlets, a slave bracelet, and fetish boots–because I liked the way they looked; there was no more to it than that. I knew that some of our club friends were into it, and it intrigued me, but not enough to do anything about it. Tormenting my male friend with a real, made-in-england horse crop was always fun and sparked some Domme-y feelings, but beyond teasing him, I never acted on them. There was a boy who clearly wanted to be my slave, which amused me to no end, but again, I never let that go anywhere. And although I still fantasized about bondage I never, never had any submissive urges.

All that changed when I met my husband and Master. When he touched my arm, the night we met, I felt an electric charge. That started a fascination which, months later, finally led to spending our first night together. He was muscular and furry, and very very masculine, and it turned my dial to 11. We talked for hours and I learned about his background, what he had overcome, what he had done for himself, and my respect and arousal grew. The night culminated with my very first experience of cock-worship: the size and weight of him, his scent, his taste, the way he held my head and fucked my mouth, all took me to a place I’d never been before, and I wanted more. I wanted to please him, I wanted to do whatever he wanted me to do, because it felt right, it felt good, and it was fucking hot. It was the kind of passion that I’d always wanted but didn’t think I would ever have.

My life of submission to him began that night.

I loved submission, and I hated it. I reveled in it, and I fought it. I felt so right when it was happening, but at other times I would punish myself for wanting it. Since childhood, I had hated being told what to do. I didn’t want anyone to have authority or control over me. I associated control with the abuse of power, especially in relationships between the sexes. It was very hard for me to change that way of thinking, but eventually I realized that control and domination could exist without taking away my will. That control didn’t mean abuse. That control didn’t mean being hurt. That control could give me power and freedom that I had never known in my life.

Years passed. He tied me up, he spanked me on occasion, he dominated me so naturally and thoroughly that my desire to make it official, to be his sub, became overwhelming. And, finally, I came out. I told him how I felt, and I asked him if he would be, officially and formally, my Dominant. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, I think, because it meant being brutally honest—with him, and with myself—and admitting my formerly unacceptable (to me, anyway) need to submit to him. I was happy and excited when he said yes.

I really thought it would end there. I adored bondage and control, impact and sensation play, clips and clamps, vibrators and dildos—basically toys of any type. But I didn’t want pain, I didn’t like it, it didn’t turn me on. I knew I would never add the “S&M” part of the acronym to my list of interests.

Well. Never say never.

Over the past 18 months or so, we’ve been exploring pain. It turns out that my darling Sir is a bit of a sadist! But that’s okay, since I seem to be a bit of a masochist. Learning what our limits are in that area has been illuminating. He likes to give pain, but not too much; I like to receive it, but not too much. There’s been more sting in our play. He spanks a little harder, for a little longer than he used to. We’ve found out we both get off on nipple, breast, and cunt spanking and flogging. I feel an incredible sense of pride that I can take what he gives me, even if I don’t “enjoy” it the way I do other activities. It takes a little longer, but it can still feel good, it can still get me into that lovely endorphin-fueled sub-space. Adding a little S&M into our own private mix has been exciting.

The one thing we have never incorporated is punishment. Part of this is, I think, because of the way our dynamic unfolded. At first D/s for us was “just sex,” but even when it expanded to encompass most aspects of our life together, we still didn’t go in for rules and protocol. And without rules and protocol, there’s no real need or mechanism for punishment.

Since I started my blog here at WordPress, I’ve been reading about punishment and discipline much more frequently. Sometimes it’s all in good fun (ooh, you’ve been a naughty girl, you’re going to get a spanking!); sometimes it’s a matter of structure and a reminder of everybody’s roles, as in domestic discipline practices. And I found myself becoming intrigued and fascinated with the idea of punishment.

Over the years, I’ve occasionally felt the lack of clear rules and consequences. Our dynamic has been–pretty much, he’s in charge; pretty much, I follow instructions. Occasionally he’s not, or I don’t, and nothing much really comes from that except maybe an argument or his disappointment in me (and my disappointment in myself).

But I’ve realized, over the last couple of months, that I want rules, and I want consequences. I’ve spent a good amount of brain power trying to figure out why I want that. And the biggest reason, I think, is that I fuck myself up. And I fuck us up. It’s not deliberate; I’m not a SAM or a SAS trying to “earn” a spanking. But there are times that I can’t make or let myself submit—EVEN WHEN I MOST WANT TO.

If you’ve read Crime & Punishment, then you’re already familiar with a really, really good example of this. I get unhappy, or hurt, or angry. I don’t want to, but I do. And then I lash out. I get mouthy, disobedient, disrespectful, and I make us both miserable. And there is always a reason for it: Feeling neglected, feeling unloved or unwanted, feeling that Himself doesn’t want to be my Sir anymore. Getting stuck in my head and thinking about things I want that he won’t do, thinking it means he doesn’t love me, thinking I’ll never get whatever “it” is. Feeling dissatisfied. And sometimes, when that happens, I can just talk to him about it, and it gets resolved. Other times I cry and wail and sob and when he gets me calmed down enough we talk about it, and it gets resolved. But sometimes, nothing works. Or we’re in a situation where I can’t, or won’t, just sit down and talk about it. Or I get into that bad, dark place where I feel like I have to fight and be angry and I can’t stop myself.

That’s it, the big thing: I. Can’t. Stop. Myself.

I get hateful and bitchy and whiny, things that I hate in other people and even more in myself. But when I’m there I’m stuck and helpless.

Probably none of this makes any sense to any of you. Or maybe it makes sense to all of you. I don’t know, all I know is I hate it, and I hate what it does to us.

It happened again Saturday.

I’d gotten angry and hurt in the morning: I misinterpreted something he said, which felt critical and disapproving to me, even though that’s not what he was feeling or communicating. It always puts me into an edgy place, when that kind of thing happens. We went on to have a very good day together, but part of my was holding on to that hurt and just wouldn’t let it go. Then, when we were out Saturday night, he did something that hurt and upset me. I made some snippy comments and refused to open to him or talk to him. I had a good mad on, and I didn’t want to give it up. I insisted I wanted to leave.

Fortunately, he doesn’t give up easily, and he insisted that we stay. After sitting together a few minutes, I was able to figure out how to explain what was bothering me. Although it felt to me like I had a valid reason to feel that way—because, you know, emotions generally feel logical—I knew, objectively, that I was being unreasonable. I was mad at myself for reacting the way I did, for ruining the happy good mood we’d both had before. I was ashamed and embarrassed and I wanted to make amends, but I couldn’t figure out how. Apologizing didn’t really help; forgiveness from Himself didn’t really help. I gradually got back to a better place, but I felt my misbehavior acutely and couldn’t let it go.

That’s my other big problem. I can’t stop myself, and then I can’t let it go. I can’t forgive myself and so I can’t believe that he forgives me either.

I kept thinking about what happened, and what it would take to make it right. And I came up with:





I have talked to Himself a bit about some of the domestic discipline blogs I’d been reading. I’d even mentioned “maintenance spankings” as something I was interested in, to help reinforce our roles. But I’d never outright said, “I want this.” And I’d certainly never said, “I want you to punish me.”

I felt like I needed it, but I was scared to ask.

If he agreed—how bad would he make it? What if I couldn’t take it? I knew failing would make me feel even worse.

If he refused—then what would I do to make it right? And how would I stand the humiliation? Because for me, there is always humiliation in asking for something and being rejected. For me, it’s a rejection of me, not my request. With the self-loathing I was already feeling from the day, I wasn’t sure I could stand any more.

And I was having so much trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that I even wanted this. I was still struggling with the whole “Daddy” thing that had sideswiped me. Wanting Himself—my Daddy—to punish me? Isn’t that…sick? In a bad way?

But I did want it.

And it was important. In fact, it felt like the most important things that had come up for me, for us, in a long time. I needed it to make things right.

So I screwed up my courage, and I did it.

I talked to him again about the domestic discipline blogs I’d been reading, and how I thought it might help me to have that in our lives: Help me to be obedient at those times that I wanted to so badly and couldn’t make or let myself do it. Help me to apologize. Help me to make amends and let it go. Help me to understand that he loves me enough to give me what I need for myself, and for us. Help me to believe that he forgives me when I’ve screwed up.

Then I asked him to punish me—for me, for us. To help me remember who and what we are to each other. To help me get past it when I get stuck, when I can’t do what I need on my own. To make it okay again when it goes bad for awhile.

I’m not talking about a full-on beating, or a scene, I explained. Just whatever you think is right. It might just be 5 or 10 swats with your hand, it might be a hard flogging; deciding the punishment would be up to you.

He didn’t answer right away, and I braced myself. I was so sure he was going to say no. I was trying to figure out what I would say, what I would do when it happened. How I would keep myself from crying and begging. How I would keep from making a complete fool of myself—again. How I would get through the humiliation. Then, finally, he said:

“This is something you really want?”

Yes, Sir.

“And I would pick the punishment?”

Yes, Sir. Although, I couldn’t stop myself from saying, I would prefer that it not involve ice cubes.

He paused again. Then, sternly:

“Go get the crop.”

Relief and joy flooded me. And fear and loathing, because I didn’t think he was going to use the nice slappy leather end on me. That wouldn’t be punishment, because I like the nice slappy leather end.

I brought him the crop and kneeled in front of him on the bed.

“I am going to punish you now. You are going to get five strokes with the crop for being disobedient and disrespectful today.”

Yes, Sir.

The first strike across my ass brought searing pain, and I cried out. The second made me scream out loud, and the third made me cry. By the fifth stroke, I was sobbing uncontrollably.

He laid down the crop and pulled me into my lap, stroking my hair and my back, holding me close while I cried.

“Do you feel better now?”

Yes, Daddy, I sobbed. Thank you.

“Are you crying because you’re being punished for your behavior, or because it hurt?”

Both, Daddy.

“It’s okay now. It’s all over, and you’re forgiven.”

I felt the most wonderful sense of peace wash over me then. I believed, really believed, that I was forgiven.

He stroked my hair and held me.

When I had stopped crying, he let me worship his cock. I sucked and licked and loved him, thanking him with my tongue and my mouth for understanding, for giving me what I needed, and for making it all okay again.

Thank you, Daddy. I love you.

Ooh, Daddy! (Part 2)


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Ooh, Daddy! (Part 1)

When I get back to the room—feet clean, mind confused—I find Himself sitting, still fully dressed, on the edge of the bed. I stop in the doorway, head bowed, until he calls me to him.


I pull off my nightgown and stand in front of him. He runs his eyes up and down my naked body, then points to the floor.

“Kneel.” Then, “Take my shoes off.”

This is one of his favorite things, even when we’re not playing. I like it because it makes me feel so submissive to serve my Sir that way. Tonight, it’s easy—Chucks instead of combat boots—and I have them off in no time. When I’m finished, I sit back a bit on my heels, eyes lowered, waiting.

“Give me your arm.”

He fastens one wrist cuff in place, then the other. Next, he motions for me to tilt my head forward. I pull my hair out of the way so he can buckle my collar in place, and feel myself starting to slip away…He tilts my head up and slides the blindfold into place, then releases me.

As I kneel on the floor between his feet I focus on being his toy–his to play with, to enjoy, to use however he wants, to torture if he the fancy strikes him. I feel myself slipping deeper and deeper into submission and my pussy throbs, hard, thinking about his power over me.

Without warning, he flicks my nipples and I gasp. My head up, more alert now, I wait…there! Another flick. Several more in quick succession, and I start to moan, but he stops. Dammit! I try not to pout: HIS toy. HIS schedule! My patience is rewarded when he starts to strike my nipples lightly with the crop.

smack smack smack

I can feel my nipples standing at attention as he attacks them from all sides, and I moan and whimper and thrust my breasts out as far as I can. He picks up the pace, putting a little more muscle into it now…It’s starting to hurt just a bit, and I gasp again, rocking a little on my heels but still thrusting my nipples out and up.

I stay In position when he stops, panting, until he pulls me toward him. I’m sure I’m going to get his cock in my mouth—but no, not yet. He crops my ass, back, and shoulders: lightly at first, just brushing my skin really, and I start to feel tingly all over. Then the blows come a little harder and faster, and I can feel my skin warming. He stops for a moment and I focus on the heat suffusing me, spreading from the impact points, waiting for the next strike.

I hear a whoosh, and the heavy flogger thuds into me. I feel it all the way through me, in my pussy, my clit, my nipples. He hits me again, and my pussy clenches in response. I moan through a quick flurry of thuds all over the back of my body.

He pushes me back onto my heels, and flogs my breasts. They’re still warm from the crop and the flogger feels so, so good, even—especially!–on my hard, sensitized nipples I lean into it as much as I can.

“Stand up.”

I peel my eyes open, then remember that I can’t see anything anyway and close them again. Holding onto his legs for support I pull myself upright and sway in front of him.

“Get on the bed.”

I scramble into place, listening to him as he walks around the bed. He tugs me forward a little bit, then clips my leash to my collar. That “snick” makes me feel all warm and gooey inside. I lie down, spread my legs, and lift my ass as high in the air as I can, and relax back into the flogging.

He pauses, and then…


Oh holy fuck, it’s that damn crop again.

[Let me explain something here: I am quite fond of the business end of my crop. You know the slapper, that little piece of leather? The part that’s supposed to make contact with the horse (or sub) flesh? I like that. But the handle, used as a cane, is another thing altogether. That, I hate. Well, I enjoy how it feels AFTER, the endorphin rush, and the spreading heat around the line of impact. But I hate it at the time.

[Does that all make sense? No? Good, ’cause it doesn’t to me either. LOL]

My Sir whacked me hard across the ass with the handle of the crop again. It hurt, I screamed, he chuckled. He did it again, same routine. Then back to flogging, which felt mercifully gentle, and a couple more whacks with the cane with predictable results.

Then, for the second time that night, he noticed my feet.

Oh my holy fucking mother of god.

I can say with certainty that I do not—do NOT—like bastinado. I kicked and screeched and kicked again, fluttering my feet really fast, trying to make it impossible for him to hit them.

Sadly, I did not succeed.

After a few good (??) strikes, he went back to the flogging my ass, then my cunt–gently, with lots of thud and no sting. It completely made up for the cane, and gave me the most delicious feeling in my girly parts.

Some uncertain time later (5 seconds? 2 hours?? who knows, I was floaty) he tugged on my leash and ordered me to the other side of the bed. I heard him unzip and leaned forward, eager to take his cock in my mouth, but he pushed my head to the side.

“Hmm, maybe he wants me to lick his balls first,” I thought dazedly; but when I dipped down toward them he fisted my hair and pulled me back up. His cock nudged my right cheek, so I turned a little, thinking “how on earth could he miss my mouth? It’s not like we haven’t done this before!”

“Be still.”

“Well, OK,” I thought, “you’re the boss, but really, it’s not that hard to hit the tar—-”



Smack smack!


Dick-smacking is a mystery to me. How on earth can that not hurt him? I mean, he was really going to town. If I slapped his dick that hard with my hand he would NOT be a happy man…

Smack smack smack smack!

I felt fluid splash on my face. “Hmm,” I thought, “what’s that now?” I licked the corner of my mouth and tasted cum–salty, warm, delicious pre-cum, spraying wildly across my cheeks from the force of the dick-smacking he was giving me.

My pussy throbbed, hard. Oh, god.

Here’s the second part of the dick-smacking mystery: It doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t really feel good either. So why the hell does it make my pussy throb so hard??

I think I may have moaned a few times.

“You like that?”

Oh, yes, Sir, I moaned.

“You’re a good little slut.” I moaned again. “Good little sluts get rewarded.” I started panting, anxious for my reward, which I was sure was finally going to be his dick.

A click, then a sound like a swarm of angry killer bees…

Fuck! The violet wand!

Our violet wand is old, decades old, and it’s noisy. The higher the setting, the noisier it gets, and it was Really. Fucking. Noisy.

No no no no no no no no oh please no….

My right nippled exploded and the air was full of the smell of ozone. I shrieked. He chuckled. (I am starting to notice a disturbing trend here—I shriek, he laughs, and he does “it” again. Why does he even try to deny he’s a sadist??) He zapped me again, then got the other side. I started bouncing, trying to maintain position but still get the hell away from the wand.

“Stay still.”

….yes, sir, I whimpered.

He ran it down my back (which actually felt quite good), down to my ass, then back to my breasts, never quite in contact with my skin, while I yipped and squealed and tried my best not to move. He zapped my nipples a few more times and laughed when I arched my back up, trying (unsuccessfully) to escape the wand. I was trapped, and he knew it. Zap, zap, zap—back and forth, rubbing gently and then pulling away to let the electricity arc, and me shrieking loudly at every touch.

He moved down my body—sweet relief!!–to my cunt—oh, fuck! He moved it slowly, gently, down my slit, zapping me all the way. He pulled it back a little and let it arc toward my clit.


Back down, back up, then back again to my more, wartenberg-wheel-abused asshole, and—ZAP!!


He laughs,and does it a few more times. He starts to rub it deeper, harder, against my cunt. No more arcing, just the warmth of the glass and a faint vibration…I start mewing and pressing against the attachment. It feels so lovely, this way. He slides it up to my clit, rubbing gently, then letting me grind against it for awhile, and I can feel myself getting wetter.

Wheel Zap 1

He moves the head of the attachment down to   my entrance and pushes against it, teasing. In a little, back out, in a little again, a little farther each time. I thrust back because oh, it feels good, and there’s no way it can actually slip inside–


Oh hell, it slipped inside!!

I giggle helplessly, thinking, a) wow, that actually feels pretty good!; b) what if it doesn’t slip back out again? and c) holy cow, what if it breaks off in there?!?

Himself seems to have none of these concerns, he just keeps gently thrusting, turning it a little now and then, rubbing Really. Good. Places with it, and it feels like someone with a very tiny little hand is fisting me…mmmmmm. I feel myself turning to jelly.

He runs his hands up my back, and sparks fly from his fingertips. I shriek and giggle, and he chuckles with delight. He plays with his electrified hands for a couple minutes, mercilessly attacking my nipples again, playing with my cunt, rubbing my clit, and probing my asshole.

“I think I’m going to fuck you in the ass now.”


“You have such a nice little asshole, so warm and tight. My dick can’t wait to get in there.”


“I wonder if I can get in there with the violet wand in your cunt? I think we should try, don’t you?”

…garbled, unintelligible speech that translates roughly to “I don’t think it’s gonna fit, Sir.”

Apparently he doesn’t speak garble, because he decides to give it a go.

His fingers rub cool lube against my tight little hole, sliding inside, stretching me to accommodate his girth. It feels good and I buck back against him, moaning as he slides a finger all the way in.

“That feels interesting,” he says, rubbing the edge of the attachment through my vaginal wall.


“Are you ready?”


I seem to have lost the power of speech completely by this point. I am thinking “no no no it won’t fit!” but he is hearing “yes yes yes put it in!” So he puts it in.

Surprisingly (to me, anyway), it fits. It’s not comfortable, but it does fit. Who knew!!

However, fitting does not equate to comfort. He pulls back out, then gently removes the attachment from my cunt. It leaves with another little ::pop!:: and suddenly I feel positively spacious inside.

He slides his dick back into my ass, much easier this time. He gives me a moment to adjust and then starts thrusting, gently at first, then bulding up, faster and harder….

“I want you to come.”


“Come for me. I want to feel you come while I’m inside you.”

Dutifully, I reach down to my cunt and start playing with my clit. I am soaking wet, and my clit is almost fully engorged. I find it challenging to masturbate while he’s inside me, thrusting—I keep getting distracted.

“Woman! Play with yourself.”

Oh, right! Okay, back to the task at hand…I start rubbing again, focusing a little better this time. It helps that I’m getting closer and closer and my clit is adamant that I continue the process…After a minute or two, I can feel it, getting close, close, close, and then…

I’m cuh…cuh…cuh…cumming! Oh god, Daddy, I’m cuh…cuh…cumming!

The orgasm explodes in my cunt. My muscles squeeze down hard on his cock, buried balls-deep inside me. He rubs across my g-spot with every thrust, and I keep playing with my clit, eking out a few more orgasms. As the last one trails away he thrusts hard a few more times and empties himself inside me. I love the way he pumps, and stops, and growls, and then pumps again when he’s coming…finally he shudders to a stop, growls low one last time, and collapses against me. I squeeze his cock a few times and he chuckles raggedly, still out of breath.

“Woman, stop!” he orders finally. I giggle like a maniac again (orgasms make me so giddy!) but I do stop.

He wraps his arms around me, holding me close to him, and nuzzles my neck.

“You belong to me.”

Yes, Daddy. Always.

Holy Crap, You Guys!


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You WONDERFUL deviants, you!

Thanks to you, yesterday was my blog’s best traffic day EVER.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.41.47 PM

AND I now have OVER 90 followers!

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 9.41.55 PM

I love you guys!



Ooh, Daddy! (Part 1)


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wheelIt’s playtime, and Himself has me bent over the bed giggling helplessly while he runs the Wartenberg wheel over my ass. I’m not intentionally being disrespectful, really I’m not, but the damn thing tickles! He retaliates by kicking my feet farther apart and attacking with a little more gusto. The giggles continue but they’re alternating with shrieks now, which seems to give him no little bit of satisfaction (the bastard—not a sadist, my ass!). The faster he rolls it across my skin, the deeper he pushes, the more those fucking little pins poke into my flesh and make me squeal. He likes it when I squeal, so he does it some more.

A few minutes in, he pulls my underwear down, kicks my feet apart again, and pushes me back down to the bed. Then he really goes to town—up and down the backs of my legs, over my butt, up to my shoulders and back down again. I’m giggling and gasping and squeaking and starting to slip into a nice, bottomy space when he orders me up onto the bed.

Presenting myself to him always pushes my subbie buttons, and I let out a happy little sigh as I settle into position. That earns me a swat, and then he’s back to turning my ass into a pincushion. He’s never used the wheel this much before, and I am thoroughly enjoying myself, moaning and wiggling and pushing my ass back in the universal sign for “more, please!”

And more is what I got. An unexpected more, a “more” from the “hey, it’s kinda fun to hurt you” side of Himself, who spread my cheeks and ran that fucking wheel across my smooth, hairless, and utterly unprotected asshole. That little trick elicits the first loud screech of the night, which makes him chuckle. And do it again. And again. And AGAIN. Until I’m begging and screaming for mercy and gasping “ouch ouch ouch dammit ouch!!”

Apparently, begging for mercy from a Dom who is happily exploring his sadistic side is an exercise in futility. o.O

The jukebox in my brain starts playing “the wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round,” as the wheel in my Sir’s hand strays down toward my labia. I freeze—no easy task with those pins sticking me!!–because this is not an area of my anatomy where I want to chance an accidental piercing. His evil laugh could give Vincent Price a run for his money and although I am indignant that he’s getting so much amusement out of my predicament, I stay frozen.

He runs the wheel up the crease between my thighs and my cunt a few times; then—carefully, gently—he rolls it up my labia, across my mound, and back down the other side. He repeats this circuit a few times. It feels surprisingly good, and being so utterly helpless makes me want to moan and press back against him; it takes all my willpower to stay still.

With no warning, he grabs my foot and starts running the wheel up and down the sole. I’m really ticklish so I go from not breathing at all to laughing, then screeching again as he runs it along the crease between my toes and the ball of my foot. Up along the arch, and I giggle; back down in the crease, and I’m squealing, and yelling “no no no no no no!”

He drops my foot and steps back.

“Your feet are dirty.”

Well, yes. I’ve been running around the house barefoot.

“You need to go wash them.”

What, now?!

“Yes, now.”

…um, okay…?

I am boggled: we are in the middle of a scene and he wants me to stop and WASH my FEET.


(Ooh, Daddy! Part 2)

Liebster Blog Award


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I have, once again, been horribly remiss in acknowledging an award! This time, it is the Leibster Blog Award, which I received a couple of weeks ago from daddy’s naughty little girl. If you’re into or curious about Daddy Dom/little girl relationships, be sure to check her out!

“Liebster” translates roughly to dearest, darling, or beloved, and it is supposed to be awarded to up & coming bloggers with fewer than 200 (or maybe 300, or even 3000, depending on the source!) followers. This is good, since I had decided that the next time I got an award, I was going to focus on some of the newer bloggers that I’ve stumbled upon recently. 🙂

The rules for accepting the “Liebster Blog Award”:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Post 11 things about yourself.

3. Copy and answer the 11 questions from your nominator’s blog post.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers, link to them, and let them know they’ve been nominated.

(I made a few changes to the rules because…well…because I can! 😉 )

So, without further ado:

11 Things About Me

1. I am a shoe-whore.

2. Also, a purse-whore.

3. And, dare I say it, a book whore. Thank gawd for Kindle freebies or I’d be in the poorhouse. 😀

4. I cannot be happy without critters; the longest I’ve gone without a pet was 6 months and it was one of the most miserable times of my life.

5. I adore my work, it feels like I am doing exactly what I was born to do.

6. I have become quite the DIY girl in the past few years–gardening, canning, knitting, creating my own recipes–it’s like Little House on the Prairie around here. 😉

7. At this very moment, my dogs are looking at me reproachfully, and complaining that I am a Terrible Mother, because I haven’t fed them for FIVE WHOLE HOURS! It should be noted here that local time is 1030 p.m.; despite the fact that this has NEVER been “meal time” in our house, the dogs insist that they are STARVING and cannot POSSIBLY survive until breakfast without at least a little bit of a late-night nosh. (Yes, my dogs speak fluent guilt. Don’t yours? LOL)

8. I love to drive my car, which is very loud and very fast and very sexy, and I will make up errands that have to be done RIGHT NOW just to have an excuse to get it out on the road.

9. After 30+ years of sexual activity, 15+ years of that with my husband, and 12+ years as his sub, I still manage to discover new, fascinating kinks that I can’t wait to try. Ain’t life grand? 😀

10. My goal is to “be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground in the morning, the devil says “Oh shit, she’s up!”

11.  I love my Sir beyond all reason. Even when I’m hating him because he’s beating my ass with that FUCKING ping pong paddle which I FUCKING hate, I still adore him. 🙂

11 Questions:

  1. If you were dessert what would you be called? Chocolate Lava Cake. Himself has that effect on me. <beg>
  2. Who is on top of our Fantasy fuck list? (Alive/dead) Wow. My exempt list is quite extensive, so I had to think about this one for awhile. Final conclusion: Nathan Fillion, as Cap’t Mal. No, wait: Sam Elliot. No no no, that’s not it either! I’m going to go with Dave Navarro. Or maybe Christina Hendricks…. (see what I mean?? LOL)
  3.  Which song title would best describe you? Why? There are two:
    1. “Like a Hurricane,” Neil Young. My ex-husband bestowed this on me, and Himself concurs that I am, in fact, a force of nature. ;)2. “Punk Rock Girl,” The Dead Milkmen. Himself bestowed this one on me because, when I met him, I was. And still am, deep down in my heart.
  4. Which accent do you find the sexiest? Why? Gaelic. Just always have. The cadence, the lyricism, the language and vocabulary… just yummy.
  5. Which part of the body do you find attractive in the opposite sex? Why? Hrm. I have to pick just one? OK. Well, I’d have to go with upper legs. There’s something about a man with defined, muscular legs that just does it for me. ‘specially when it’s MY man. ::swoon::
  6. If you had a day to do whatever you wish; with no kids or housework, how would you spend it? In bed, with Himself. With the occasional break to snack, nap, and read BDSM fiction. I’m a simple woman with simple tastes. 😀
  7. What would you like to receive most for your next birthday? A cruise to Alaska, or a trip to Ireland & Scotland.
  8. Which housework/chore would like to pay someone else to do the most? Why? I hate ALL housework, and I DO pay somebody else to do it. 🙂
  9. What is your favourite drink? Bailey’s on the rocks. Yum.
  10. What is on top of your sexual bucket list for this year? Figging. The ginger is in the fridge waiting….
  11. Which genre of movie you can’t stand? Really scary or gory horror movies, they give me nightmares. Beyond that, mushy romantic drivel–if I wouldn’t read it in a book, I don’t want to see it in a movie. REAL romance, OTOH, I’m all for it.

My 11 Nominees

So, I’m going to focus here on some new (to me, anyway) bloggers I’ve been following. Most of them I’ve found because THEY found ME, and when I went to check out their blogs, I liked what I saw. Go and peruse, they deserve a wider audience.

1. Filled and Fooled  I have noticed recently that many of my favorite blogs focus on the journey the writer is taking. And because of my own bent and interests, that’s usually a sexual journey, and often a kinky one. F&F falls squarely into that category. I’m hoping she doesn’t ever completely figure things out because then she’d probably stop writing, and that would be a disappointment. 🙂

2. Kinky Good Girl  Another journeyer, who is rediscovering her “slutty, joyous self.” Frank, funny, sexy, and not afraid to do some good, old-fashioned navel-gazing when circumstances call for it.

3. Sir Q and me  Fiona’s blog is one of my new favorites. I love the relationship she has with her Sir, and the way she writes about it–honesty, a sense of humor, and a good bit of hot sex. Mmmmm. 🙂

4. Surrendered to Sir Yes, I lean toward the s-type blogs. Although it can be interesting and informative to read things from the D-type perspective, it’s a lot hotter, for me, to read an s-type and imagine me in her place, and Himself as the Dom…This is a good blog to read for that. 🙂

5. the wanton wife explores how she and her husband work their way toward recovering from her affair; as such, it can be brutally honest and painful at times. At others, it can be awfully  goddamned hot. It’s her fault that Himself and I are finally taking the plunge to try figging… 😀

6. And speaking of figging….  Figging: Anal Discipline is a blog devoted to all things hot and incendiary, at least as they relate to the torturing of poor, innocent, panting, begging subs. This is the second site to blame for my current fascination with ginger. They’ve also given a nod to the wanton wife, which just goes to show they’ve got good sense. 😀

7. Surrendered Heart  Right now, there’s a lot of rage on this blog, and for good reason: she had the unfortunate (and unfortunately all-too-common) experience of running into an asshole disguised as a dom (lower case used intentionally). My heart goes out to her, and I hope that this won’t mean she gives up, or that she stops writing. Go show her some love and encouragement, would you? She needs and deserves it

8. Surrendered by Choice  A submissive woman, a Dominant man, and quite a bit of truly lovely poetry. And some good fiction as well. 🙂

9. Cock Worshipping Sub  This is not a blogger, per se, but more of a collective of subs  who love to, well, worship cocks, and then write about it. Members’ blogs (including yours truly) are also linked on the site.

10  Bright Bottom CWS used to be “just” a page on this blog. (the CWS page there is now devoted to CWS Challenges–aka specific topics for CWS members to write about if and when they feel like it). Spanky’s blog is THE place to go for all things spanking–hot pics, hot stories, techniques, positions…you name it, if it’s anything to do with spanking, it’s there. 🙂

11. A Domestic Discipline Society Another recent obsession of mine, which Himself does not seem to be opposed to. If you like DD, you’ll love this site.



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I hit 80 followers this week!


And 6000+ views!!


Thanks, you awesome deviants, you!!



But is that what we actually want?


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The link to submit work to Punchnel’s web mag is yet another sign that our little perversions are becoming ever more mainstream. I get a kick out of pop-culture references to WIITWD, but I also get off on kink being taboo. How can we freak the normals if nobody is normal anymore?? o.O


Fabulous Gutter Blogger Award


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I’ve been sadly remiss in acknowledging the Fabulous Gutter Blogger Award I received over a month ago (!!) from Dave at Normal Deviations, in which he very sweetly stated “she’s only recent returned to blogging, and I really would like to see more from her mind. (and more and more).” I’m trying, Dave, I’m trying. 🙂

Fabulous Gutter Blogger Award

There are, of course, rules to these things.

Fabulous Gutter Blogger Rules of Acceptance

  1. Thank the person who nominated you. (Written thanks, kisses, oral sex, all of the above – whatever seems appropriate.) Done!
  2. Link back to their blog in your post. Done!
  3. Post the image of the Award on your blog. Done!
  4. Copy and answer the six questions from their blog post. See Below
  5. Nominate nine bloggers, link to them and let them know they’ve been nominated. See Below Again!

The Six Questions

1. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Erm. That’s a rather…broad question, innit? I mean, narrowing it down to a specific subcategory would be extremely helpful. Not possible? OK, gimme a minute, I’m thinking.

OK. I’m going to go with….public sex kinky vs BDSM kinky. And the winner is: Giving Himself a blow job in front of a roomful of strangers at our local sex club. That was fun. 🙂

2. What do you now know about sex that you wish you’d have known earlier in life?

Relax, it’s just sex! And also–no matter how weird you are, there’s someone out there who wants somebody just like you. ❤

3. Is there any gutter fantasy you’d like to try?(tell us what it is)

A threesome (one of the few things I haven’t managed to fit in over the years, unless you count your BFF observing, which I don’t). And/or full-on mind-blowing sex in front of a crowd at our afore-mentioned local sex club.

4. What’s the funniest bedroom situation you’ve ever been in?

Hmmm. Probably being tied up (or told to “stay!”) while Himself tickled me. Especially in that crease right between your butt and your upper thigh. You know that one? Yeah, that is probably THE most ticklish spot on my entire body, and it leads to a total loss of self-control: helpless giggling, shrieking, kicking, and begging.

5. Has gutter blogging taught you anything?

I’ve found my tribe!

6. What is your favorite post from the person who nominated you?

His Gutter Blogger Christmas Carol. OK, it’s a series. Deal with it. 😀

The Nine Nominations

1. Creative Noodling Marian is awesome: honest, funny, fearless.

2. A Dissolute Life Hy defies description…or she is all description, because you can throw just about any adjective in the book at her, and it will, at some point, be appropriate. Go see for yourself, you won’t regret it.

3. Basia Rose I discovered her after she made a nice comment on one of  my posts (I love it when that happens!). I enjoy her a lot, and I’m sure you will too.

4. Dumb Domme I’ve nominated her before, but it’s been awhile. Besides, I enjoy her so much, she deserves being listed twice. 🙂

5. Erotic Quest Nympha’s most recent post, about Erotic Enemas, is quite fascinating…and intriguing. I’ve gotten some good ideas from her. 😀 She doesn’t write often, but it’s always worth the read when she does.

6. Mew Tube Kyle is….well, he’s Kyle. Often pithy, always funny, frequently quite hot. And he knows his way around a cell phone. 😉

7. Unraveling MariMar She writes hot posts, she posts hot pics, she shares hot videos, all while she works her way through her submission. I never know what I’m going to find on her blog but it’s always good. And hot. 😀

8. My Jaded Parts Joe is jaded. He’s also highly entertaining and not afraid to examine himself even if (or when) he’s not too sure he’ll like the results. His readers generally do, though. 🙂

9. Nekkid Soul Hiding Nothing, Showing All is a great, funny, hot, honest, enjoyable blog. It is also sometimes painfully honest, or honestly painful. She really does put it all out there. I like her, I like her a lot. 🙂

Go, my deviants–read and enjoy! Have I ever steered you wrong? 😀

Finally Home


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It’s bedtime, and I snuggle back into Sir’s warm body as he cups my cold breast and strokes my nipple. He’s exhausted and sick but he’s been gone 10 days, and I’m so hungry for him. I move his hand down to cup my smooth, bare pussy and arch against him, throbbing, wanting. He slides his fingers across my clit as I grind my ass against him.

“Did you miss my dick?”

Oh, god, yes sir.

“Good, cause my dick missed you too.”

It did?


Your dick didn’t find any other warm, wet spaces to crawl into?*

“No.” He chuckles, and slides his finger down to gently stroke my asshole. I wiggle against him.

“I like it when you’re smooth back here for me. It feels so good.”

Does it really feel that different?

“Oh, yeah. It’s amazing.” He strokes me again, then growls in my ear, “Do you remember what I did to you the first time you got your ass and your little pussy all smooth for me?”

You fucked my ass.

“That’s right.”

He starts fingering my ass—in and out, in and out. I whimper.

“You know what I want? I want to put my dick in your tight, smooth asshole. Do you like that?”

Oh, yes Sir!

“I do too. I think we’re going to do that now.”


Right now?

“Oh yes, right now.”


No warm-up?

“My finger in your ass is your warm up.”


He rolls over.

“Get up here.”

On top?

“Yes, on top.”

I climb on board and rub against him. He hands me the lube and I drizzle it down his cock, rubbing it all over, stroking him up and down. I lean forward to rest my head on his chest, reach between us, and smooth lube on my tight hole.

“Now put your finger in. Stretch it for me.”

I slide a finger in slowly, past the outer ring, thrusting and withdrawing.

“Feel good?”


Yes Sir…

“Now put two in. Feel good? Yeah? Are you stretching yourself for me?”

I’m really not sure about this, not at all. I don’t like being on top during anal. And I don’t want to finger myself, dammit, I want him to finger me. But I am an obedient slave, so I do it anyway. In and out, in and out…

….I stop thinking about the fact that I’m fingering myself, and start noticing how it feels. It’s…interesting. Smooth, much smoother than I had expected, much smoother than my cunt with its always-swollen g-spot. The muscle ridges are so strong, but elastic and stretchy. I scissor my fingers, fascinated at how it feels in there.

I have never done this before.

“Done what?”

Fingered my ass.

He chuckles. It’s surprising to both of us to find something that I haven’t done before.

“Now get up here and ride my cock.”

I grab it and slide down until the head is inside and I feel full and stretched. A moment’s rest, and then I take the rest of it inside me. God, it feels good.

“Does that feel good?”

Oh, yes Sir!!

He chuckles again, then bucks up into me.


I close my eyes and concentrate on the feel of his cock in my ass. I want it deeper, harder, and so I push a little more. Still not deep enough, but I discover that when I push down as far as I can go, I can grind my clit against his pubis. I moan. I sit up straight for awhile. I can’t pump as hard, but he’s deeper, and I like that. Then back down, grinding my clit against him.

I love watching his face when we fuck.

On your knees.”

I scramble down and present my ass to him, and he slams into me balls deep. I squeal, then bury my face in the pillow—we have a houseguest and I have to be quiet. He pulls out and slams into me again. And again. And again. I whimper and moan and thrust back as hard as I can.

Oh, Sir…fuck me, come in me, please!

When he comes he slams into me so hard I slide forward a couple of inches and scream a little before I can remember to bite down on the pillow. He pounds me again and again until he’s spent.

Please, Sir, one more, hard, please!

He bucks into me hard once, again, then shudders and collapses on top of me.



Thank you for fucking me in the ass.

“Good girl. You’re welcome.”

*Body Count’s Evil Dick

The Adventures of Miles Cowperthwaite


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Just because it makes me laugh. 😀

Saturday Night Live Transcripts S4E18

The Adventures of Miles Cowperthwaite

Fred Silverman…..John Belushi

[ open on graphic: “Family Classics” ]

Announcer: Tonight: “Family Classics” continues its second season, with Part II of the new Dickins novel Miles Cowperthwaite.

[ dissolve to copy of book resting on tabletop ]

Miles Cowperthwaite, by Charles Dickins. As told to Robert Louis Stevenson and Rafael Salbatini.

[ hand turns book to first page ]

Miles Cowperthwaite V/O: “The wretched birth, miserable childhood, agonizingly painful adolescence, and appallingly vile and degrading death of Miles Cowperthwaite.

[ turns page to Chapter Two ]

Chapter Two: ‘I Am Nailed To The Hull’.

“It having been determined by my benefactor that a term of service at sea would make a man, I accordingly left Pinckley Hall in the company of Captain Ned, and put out from Bristol aboard his ship The Raging Queen.

Captain Ned, I learned from my shipmates, was a very manly, virile, manful person, and a firm believer in strict discipline, corporal punishment, and nude apartment wrestling. How truly strict he was, I learned on our first day out of port, when out First Mate called all hands on deck for an important annoucement.”

[ dissolve onto scenes aboard The Raging Queen ]

[ First Mate Spunk rings the deck bell ]

First Mate Spunk: Alright, please, everybody, please! Welcome aboard The Raging Queen! Now, of course, I can’t possibly introduce everybody, so you’re just going to have to wear your little name tags. And if that’s the worst thing you’ll wear on this voyage, you’re lucky. Now, before I introduce Captain Ned, there’s some quiche over here, some salad, and some banana bread in the bowl, and there should be a brie around, if someone hasn’t eaten it. And now, here is our own Captain Ned!

[ Captain Ned steps up ]

Captain Ned: Thank you, Mr. Spunk. Gentlemen, we have on board a young man whose name is Miles Cowperthwaite! And I have promised his guardian to teach him the man’s life at sea! To show him man’s ports, such as Key West and San Fransisco! I expect him to be treated manfully! Well, Miles, have you anything to say?

Miles Cowperthwaite: [ stsnds, cheerful ] Well.. I’m very grateful for this opportunity, Captain Ned! Up ’til now, my life has been the most degrading, pathetic, soul-destroying, humiliating, awful grovel..

Captain Ned: [ interrupting ] That’s enough, Miles.. [ Miles sits ] Now, men, I run a mans’ ship. I will run it in a manful and masculine way! I will tolerate no men under my command who act in such a way so as to discredit their manhood and manliness! Do I make myself clear?

First Mate Spunk: Three cheer for Captain Ned!

[ the men cheer ]

Miles Cowperthwaite V/O: “If there were any doubts as to Captain Ned’s severity, they were quickly dispelled that very afternoon, when a scuffle broke out on deck.”

[ Spunk approaches a Sailor tanning ]

First Mate Spunk: That’s my tanning spot! you! You’re in my spot! That’s my spot!

Sailor #1: You are daft! I’ve been here all morning. Now, run along, you are blocking my sun.

First Mate Spunk: Don’t you give me any back-sass, you tan tease!

[ fight breaks out; Captain Ned intervenes ]

Captain Ned: Is this how men act on a man’s ship? Where is your manliness? Fighting on deck is a serious breach on my articles of strict discipline! I’m afraid the guilty party is in for a very severe punishment!

Sailor #1: Captain.. I did indeed take Mr. Spunk’s spot. I’m ready to accept my punishment..

First Mate Spunk: Captain! I threw the first blow. If anyone is to be punished, let it be me. I ask only that whatever you do, please don’t put me in a tight-fitting Lassie costume and make me eat from a monogrammed dog dish.

Sailor #2: [ entering ] Captain, I encouraged this fight – punish me! Make me wear nipple-pinching clothespins, sir!

Sailor #3: [ entering ] Me, Captain! Punish me!

Captain Ned: Stop! I’ve heard enough! Your manly admission of guilt is most manful. However, as your Captain, it is I who must bear the full masculine responsibility! And therefore, I will be punished. Spunk! Take me alone! I want a boiling oil rub..

[ Spunk drags Captain below decks for his punishment ]

Miles Cowperthwaite V/O: “Having had no seafaring experience, I was surprised at how different the life of a sailor was from what I had imagined. Our day began at dawn, where, after a hearty breakfast, we had punishment ’til lunchtime. After lunch, there was more punishment ’til dinner. After dinner, we would pull up anchor and sail for an hour, then drop anchor again for soem verbal humiliation, followed by evening punishment. I imagine that the crew is quite used to it, for in all my rounds with the ship surgeon, Dr. Pierce, I never once heard a man complain.”

[ Miles follows Dr. Pierce during one of his rounds ]

Miles Cowperthwaite: Sir? I was thinking, wouldn’t we make better progress if we was under sail 14 hours a day, and had punishment only two hours a day, instead of the other way ’round?

Dr. Pierce: Miles, my boy, you have much to learn. Wihout strict discipline, we’d have mutiny on this ship.

Miles Cowperthwaite: Oh.

Dr. Pierce: [ examines his patient’s knee ] Let’s see. Ooh.. I don’t like the looks of that leg, Mr. Tarvox. I’m afraid we’ll have to take it off.

Mr. Tarvox: Really?

Dr. Pierce: Yes, I’m afraid so. And probably the arm, as well.

Miles Cowperthwaite: [ confused ] The arm?! Why the arm, Doctor?

Dr. Pierce: Well, to get the leg. Look. It’s rather in the way, see? [ indicates Tarvox’s arm resting on his leg ]

Miles Cowperthwaite: Why can’t he hold the arm out of the way.

Dr. Pierce: Well, that’s.. fine.. if you’d rather do that.

Mr. Tarvox: Yes, sir. Please.

Dr. Pierce: Okay. Now, don’t worry, Mr. Tarvox, you won’t feel a thing. You’ll wake up, and they’ll be gone.

Mr. Tarvox: They?

Dr. Pierce: It. It’ll be gone. Uh.. I guarantee you won’t know which one is missing.

Mr. Tarvox: Oh.

Dr. Pierce: Any preferences? [ Tarvox gives a strange look ] Good. Good. Okay, we’ll take the.. the..

Miles Cowperthwaite: Leg.

Dr. Pierce: ..leg.. off on Thursday, okay? First thing. You’ll be fine. You’ll be fine.. [ walks off to have a drink ]

Miles Cowperthwaite V/O: “Perhaps this isn’t the routine of an ordinary sailor: floggings, stockings, key haulings, kneeling on our knuckles, having things dropped on our heads, being pushed down stairs, and so on. But occasionally, there would be time for activities such as steering the ship, and trying to make the sails fill up with wind. Captain Ned took a warm, personal interest in my welfare, and if a night was stormy, or even mildy choppy, he would ocme to my cabin to comfort me.”

[ Captain Ned enters Miles’ room as he prays beside his bed ]

Miles Cowperthwaite: Oh. Captain Ned.

Captain Ned: [ grinning ] Hello, Miles. Uh.. I was worried that you might be.. “frightened” by the masty weather.. [ unbuttons the top of his pajamas ]

Miles Cowperthwaite: But, Captain Ned, sir, it is perfectly calm tonight!

Captain Ned: Just so.. with the stormy weather we’ve been having lately, I was afraid this.. sudden calm might alarm you. Because I’ve seen grown men – manly men, in the full pride of their mahood, grow white with terror on serene, tranquil nights as this!

Miles Cowperthwaite: Oh, that is very kind of you, sir.. [ chuckles nervously ]

[ Captain Ned blows out the candle besides Miles’ bed, leaving the room in total darkness ]

Miles Cowperthwaite V/O: “So dangerously flaccid did that night become, thus Captain Ned remained in my cabin to reassure me until dawn, when we were aroused by a shout from Mr. Spunk..”

First Mate Spunk: [ peering through telescope ] Land ahoy! Land ahoy! Oh, my God, I don’t know.. oh, it might be land, maybe it’s another boat.. Oh, daft, it might me a cloud! No, I can’t tell, this damn thing is torturing me. Oh, maybe it’s a cloud, I’m not sure, oh dear!

Captain Ned: [ walking up ] Mr. Spunk! Have you spied land?

First Mate Spunk: I’m not sure! Somebody else get up here and look! If I say it’s land, and we make for it and it’s not, I’ll get yelled for it!

Captain Ned: Alright! [ peers through telescope ]

Miles Cowperthwaite V/O: “What Mr. Spunk had sighted was not land at all, but a small, open boat. Which, upon closer inspection, was found to contain two remarkable passengers.”

[ two women climb onboard The Raging Queen ]

Captain Ned: [ greeting them ] I am Captain Ned, of The Raging Queen! Tell me.. are there any males with you?

Madeline Warrington: No. Just my sister and I.

Ruth Warrington: Yes. My name is Ruth Warrington. This is my sister Madeline. We were crossing the West Indies, when pirates seized our ship. They took our entire crew prisoners.

Captain Ned: [ thinking ] Hmm.. Uh.. can you tell me, were these pirates manly and verile?

Madeline Warrington: They were contemptible animals, who subjected our ship’s crew to the most unspeakable torture!

First Mate Spunk: Do you suppose these pirates might still be anywhere in the area.

Ruth Warrington: Yes. I’m afraid they may yet be very close..

Captain Ned: I see. [ runs to address his crew ] Men! There are pirates in these waters! Pirates who inflict hideous punishment to those who fall into their hands! [ crew oohs ] Now, we can turn tail and run. Or, we can take the many course, that which our manhood demands! Find these despots of discipline, and comfort them! What is your answer!!

Crew: Find the pirates!!

Captain Ned: So it will be done! Stand by to incur the waters!

[ crew wave out to see, in search of the pirates ]

Miles Cowperthwaite V/O: “Despite six months spent in the endevour, our search for the pirates proved unsuccessful. And so at length we put into port at Key West, where we took on a supply of omelet pans and did the costumes for a production of ‘Take Her, She’s Mine’. These were pleasant times. With Captain Ned ashore buying melons, discipline was less severe, and his trips to my cabin to comfort me less frequent. One night, however, as I lay in bed writing a letter to Lord Pinckley, I heard an unfamilair knock at my door.”

[ a knock at the door ]

Miles Cowperthwaite: Come in?

[ the Warrington sisters enter ]

Ruth Warrington: Hello, Miles. We came to see if you were alright.

Miles Cowperthwaite: Oh.

Madeline Warrington: Yes. We were worried that the cool sea air, combined with the saltiness of the spray, and the closeness of ships in the harbor might have alarmed you.

Miles Cowperthwaite: Oh. Well, that’s very kind of you, but I’m not frightened! Are you alright?

Ruth Warrington: Well.. these past six months at sea aboard The Raging Queen have been somewhat frightening.

Miles Cowperthwaite: Begging your pardon, ma’am.. but have any of the men on board.. well.. tried to take liberties with you.

Madeline Warrington: No. No, not really.

Ruth Warrington: No. We haven’t been harmed at all.

Miles Cowperthwaite: [ happy ] Oh! Well, ma’am, I suspect that’s due to the discipline Captain Ned employs on this ship! For this crew is an unsavory lot!

Madeline Warrington: Yes, I suspect so. [ removing clothes ] Hey, Miles, it is terribly hot in here!

Ruth Warrington: Isn’t it, Madeline? [ removes her clothes as well ]

Miles Cowperthwaite: Oh, it’s alright for me!

Madeline Warrington: Perhaps we can comfort you, then, Miles?

[ Captain Ned enters; the girls jump up ]

Captain Ned: Hello, Miles.

Miles Cowperthwaite: Oh! Captain Ned!

Captain Ned: Hello, Miss Warrington. Miss Warrington. Miles, I hurried back, as, uh.. I was afraid that the excitement of the last several months at sea, combined with the change of seasons might have alarmed you.

Miles Cowperthwaite: Oh, that’s very kind of you, Captain..

Ruth Warrington: Excuse me, Captain, but we were comforting Miles.

Madeline Warrington: Wait! Perhaps we can all comfort Miles!

[ a look of distress falls upon Miles’ face ]

Captain Ned: Very well. I see nothing unmanly in that.

[ the three of them undress and climb into Miles’ bed ]

Miles Cowperthwaite V/O: “Of all that I have suffered since going to sea, nothing could compare to the constant comforting of Captain Ned and the Warrington sisters. And I resolved to escape from The Raging Queen at the first opportunity.” ]

[ show Miles walking across the ship in disguise ]

“One night, while the crew was below doing exercises to flatten their stomachs, I stole the Second Mate’s coat, collected my few belongings, and lowered myself over the mast.”

[ Miles jumps overboard ]

“A war took place after I hit the water. I have very little recollection. I was evidently quite ill for a very long time, and the next thing I remember seeing was the friendly face of Dr. Pierce.”

Dr. Pierce: He’s coming around..

Ruth Warrington: Oh, thank God!

Miles Cowperthwaite: [ dazed ] Where am I?

Madeline Warrington: You’re back on board The Raging Queen, Miles.

Dr. Pierce: Yes. You were very lucky. One of the crew saw you fall overboard.

Ruth Warrington: Captain Ned will be so relieved. He’s been with you every moment, Miles.. comforting you.

Dr. Pierce: Well, Miles, I suspect you’ll be strong enough to go under the knife in a couple of days, huh?

Miles Cowperthwaite: [ worried ] What?! What do you mean, Dr. Pierce?!

Dr. Pierce: The legs, Miles. I’m afraid they’ll have to come off. Now, I’ve only got one pegleg aboard, but I can get you a nice hook for the bottom of this left knee. As soon as we reach port, we’ll go shopping for a nice wooden one.

Miles Cowperthwaite: But, sir! Must I lose my legs?

Dr. Pierce: I’m afriad so, Miles. When we pulled you out of the water, your legs were.. soaking wet.

Miles Cowperthwaite V/O: From the moment I learned that Dr. Pierce has designs on my legs, I decided to repeat my attempt at escape whatever the risk involved.

[ show Miles sneaking across the ship in disguise ]

The very next morning, after one final night of comforting from Captain Ned, I once more stowed out of my cabin and lowered myself over the side, this time completely undetected.

[ Miles jumps overboard ]

And so my term of service at sea had come to an end. Once again, I found myself quite alone in the world, with little capitol and few prospects. Of the details of my escape from The Raging Queen, as well as my adventures subsequent thereto, the reader shall learn in my next chapter: ‘I Am Eaten By Sharks’.”

[ close ]


Kinky fireworks!!


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Man, we are taking over EVERYwhere! Who knew?!? LOL


The Night Before Christmas–Deviant Style


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Here’s a blast from the past, a little something I wrote back in 2001. Enjoy! 😀

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the ranch,
Not a creature was stirring, and it wasn’t by chance.

The wench was strung up by the chimney with care,
Hoping her dear Master soon would be there.

The critters were nestled all warm on their rugs,
The wench was still waiting, tied snug as a bug.

Then into the room there swept her dear Master.
He threw down his coat, and she heard evil laughter.

“I’ve been busy shopping,” he said with a leer.
“I’ve brought lots of toys to give bad girls good cheer.”

Then out of a black velvet bag he did pull
A whole bunch of toys to make happy her Yule!

A flogger, a paddle, a crop, and a whip,
A St. Andrew’s cross, some clothespins to zip,

A collar locked up with a padlock quite tight,
And leather restraints that would hold her just right,

Nipple clamps, suction cups, speculums too,
A Wartenberg wheel, and mint-flavored lube,

Some candles, some ropes, a new cupping set,
A new leather harness that made her quite wet,

A blindfold, a gag, a new spanking bench,
And finally a bunny-fur mitt for the wench.

The Master approached her, his eyes all a-twinkle,
And asked, “My dear wench, how’s this little wrinkle?

“I’ll tie you, I’ll flog you, I’ll pinch and I’ll tickle,
“I’ll have so much fun, putting you in a pickle!”

The wench, she was speechless, her legs had gone weak,
As she dreamed of his hand going “smack!” on her cheeks.

Her eyes cast submissively down to the floor,
She was ready to answer when in through the door

Came another, dressed up in a red velvet suit,
With eight tiny reindeer in close, hot pursuit.

“What is this?” the new one, old Santa, he asked.
His eyebrow arched knowingly, slapping her ass.

“You perverts! You freaks! Is this Christmas to you?
“You’ve forgotten some of my favorite tools!”

Then out of his bag he pulled two more toys,
Sure to bring pleasure to girls and to boys:

A full bondage harness, made just for suspension,
A swing to go with it, that got her attention!

Then back through the door old Santa did go,
And merwench and Master once more were alone.

“It’s playtime,” said Master, his eyes all aglint,
As he started to fasten a clamp to her clit.

She moaned, she sighed, she thrashed and she wriggled,
And out in the yard she heard Santa giggle.

Then Santa exclaimed, as their house he was leaving,
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Beating!”


Yes or No


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I am trying to get myself back into the habit of posting regularly, and I needed something quick, so I stole this from MariMar. 🙂

Only two rules: 1- You must answer yes or no. 2- You may not explain unless someone asks.

Have you ever:

Taken a picture naked? Yes
Made money illegally? No
Had a one night stand? Yes
Been in a fist fight? Yes
Slept with your best friend? No
Had sex in a public place? Yes
Ditched work to have sex? Yes
Slept with a member of the same sex? Yes
Seen someone die? Yes
Run from the police? No
Woke up somewhere and not remember how you got there? Yes
Worn your partners unmentionables? Yes
Fallen asleep at work? Yes
Used toys in the bedroom? Yes
Run a red light? Yes
Been fired? No
Been in a car accident? Yes
Pole danced or done a striptease? Yes
Loved someone you shouldn’t? Yes
Sang karaoke? No
Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Yes
Laughed so hard you peed your pants? No
Caught someone having sex? No
Kissed a perfect stranger? No
Shaved your partner? Yes
Given your private parts a nickname? Yes
Ever gone in public without underwear? Yes
Had sex on a roof top? No
Played chicken? Yes
Mooned/flashed someone? No
Slept naked? Yes
Blacked out from drinking? Yes
Felt like killing someone? Yes
Had sex more than 5 times in one day? Yes
Been with someone because they were in a band? No
Taken 10 shots of liquor in a day? Yes
Shot a gun? Yes
Gone outside naked? Yes

By request, a couple almost-naked picture for Aemilia Hawk. Enjoy. 🙂


I’m back! And stuff. :)


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Hello, deviants! Long time no see!

It’s been a long dry spell here at ché deviant–what with work, and Himself’s business trips, and me being sick, and him being sick, and it being harvesting and canning season…well, sex and time have both been scarce on the ground. 😦

But I’m back (in the saddle, so to speak ;)) now!

First, I came back to the blog to find that I have reached 60 followers. I’m kind of amazed that I have new followers when I haven’t even been writing for over a month! I promise you, deviants, I will try to do better in the future. 😀

Second, I am only 100 views away from 4000 hits. I remember being extremely excited when I hit 500. 4000 is almost incomprehensible. Thanks, deviants!

Third, the lovely and fascinating Mistress Aemilia Hawk of Velvet Thoughts honored me with The Compassionate Communicator award!

The rulez:

  1. Pass the award on to bloggers whose posts have personally benefited you in some way.
  2. Explain why and how their posts have benefited you.
  3. Link back to and thank the person who gave you the award (done!)

Now, here’s the thing: I’ve been swamped and haven’t had much time to read lately, so any posts I could refer to specifically would be weeks old. So I’m going to bend the rulez a little bit (oppositional defiant? Li’l ol’ me?!? LOL) and award bloggers for the body of their work that I’ve enjoyed, vs specific works within that body.

Got that? Yeah? OK, here we go!

A Sexual Being Being a submissive is not easy, and not always happy or rewarding; in fact, sometimes it just plain sucks. Kayla is unflinchingly honest in sharing the feelings and experiences, both good and bad, of submission.

Exploring Surrender Conina has made it on to just about every list I’ve ever done. She is smart, funny, hot, and achingly honest–another writer who takes the bad with the good and isn’t afraid to share it when it happens.

Love Sex and Marriage Many of the writers that resonate the most with me focus on the intersection of marriage and D/s. LS&M find creative solutions to problems, devise wonderfully evil uses for common household implements, and remind me of the outrageous joy I find in my relationship with Himself.

The Black Leather Belt Lily is a hoot, a fantastic writer (with a book coming! Yay Lily!), and she lives a wonderfully complex life, which she describes thusly: “Now I have a husband, two kids, a dog, a white picket fence, a whole lot of bondage equipment…and a girlfriend. Who calls me “Daddy.””

Temperature’s Rising Mistress Aemilia Hawk paid me a great compliment by saying that “Whenever I need a smile on my face, this is the blog I go to. She always makes me laugh.” Well, Mrs Fever is who I turn to when I need a smile. I adore her, not least because she is the *only* person in the known universe who calls me “Wenchie.” LOL

The Sexpeditions of Lady J Lady J has been through the shit. In fact, quite frequently, she is still going through the shit. But she does it with grace, humor, insight, love, and passion. And she doesn’t give up. Ever.

Go, read, and enjoy!




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Are you having trouble finding good online porn? Are XHamster, DirectPornTube, FetishBox, and RedTube just not meeting your porn-searching needs?

Well, never fear, my porn-loving friends–SearchXXX is here!

Or, as Wired calls it, “Pornoogle.”

Go forth and search for the freaky, you deviants. 😉