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Because I miss him, and I’m glad he’s coming home tonight, and my heart is just…full.

Run, Snow Patrol

When this song came out, Himself and I were living apart: we were moving cross-country and I had gone on ahead to start my new job. One night, on the phone, he told me that this song reminded him of us, because of how much we love each other.

Breathe, Maria McKee

I saw this song on Nightmusic many, many years ago (1991), long before I met Himself. At the time, I thought “I want a love like this.” I never expected to find it–and then He came in to my life. Now I live it each and every day.

Dancing with Tears In My Eyes, Ultra Vox

The love in this video makes me cry every time I see it.

Lover’s Concerto, The Toys

Based on Minuet in G (one of my favorite classical pieces), by Christian Petzold (NOT Bach, as is commonly believed), this song has it all: Wonderful melody, wonderful lyrics, and such a beautiful voice. How can you listen to this and not think of your beloved?

Love Never Dies (Parts 1 and 2), and Nearer, Apoptygma Berzerk

These songs, like Breathe, came out when I was still with my ex-husband… I ached for the type of love and passion I heard here, but thought I would never know it. And then Himself walked into my life.
Love Never Dies, Part 1

Love Never Dies, Part 2

Nearer (Album Version)

All I Need, AwolNation

For Himself, who is all I need.