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Hello, my darling deviants!

It seems that all kinds of interesting things have been happening these last few weeks while I was away.

First, I am up to 115 followers! I’ve had a couple of spikes in the last couple weeks, which I think must be due to the awards I’ve gotten recently (more on that below). So: Welcome newbies! Glad to see you here. 🙂

Second, I’ve crossed the 10,000 views threshold. Well, actually, I blew right through 10,000 and today I’m at 11,972. In the last 3 weeks, I’ve had 5 days with views of 75+; 2 of those days were 100+ views. How does this happen when I haven’t even been writing? I gotta believe it’s those wonderful award links.

Considering what they’ve done for traffic on my blog, I think it’s time to recognize and appreciate my awards and the lovely ladies who gave them to me.

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Way, way back on May 21, Feve nominated me for the Sensual Blogging Award.


For any of my readers who don’t know Feve – Mrs. Fever, that is – you gotta go check her out. She’s awesome and funny and sexy-hawt and she posts steamy pictures on Wednesdays. 🙂

The award comes with rules, of course:

1. Thank the blogger who awarded you with a link back to their blog (Done! See above).

2. Copy and paste this fine award on your blog (Done!)

3. Answer 7 sensual questions posted by the blogger who awarded you.

Now, Feve being Feve, she pretty much refused to follow the rules (it’s one of her more endearing qualities), but she did ask ONE sensual question of me, which is, and I quote: “What is something (or several somethings) you like to do sensually (touch, taste, sight, sound, scent) with a lover, that is not about you…and not about them…but about sharing pleasure?”

Well, hell. This is a bit of a challenge for me, actually. Because, you know, pretty much everything that happens with us is about sharing pleasure, even if we’re sort of taking turns with it. Whether Himself is doing things TO me (flogging, for example, or the lovely karate-chop beating he gave my ass this weekend), or I am doing things FOR him (cock-worshipping, for instance), we both get a lot of pleasure from it.

But that answer didn’t seem to fit the spirit of the question.

So I thought, and I thought, and….I finally came up with two somethings:

  • The simple, unadulterated joy of kissing. It’s one of the few things that we do (other than actual intercourse, which I decided was just too, too obvious 🙂 ) where we’re both participating pretty much equally and at the same time. He is a voracious, passionate kisser, and he tastes so good. I never really realized, before Himself, that someone’s mouth has a flavor. But his does, and it’s yummy. 🙂
  • Our bedtime ritual. He’s usually in bed first, so he’ll be toasty warm and snuggly. When I get into bed he pulls me against him, so we’re spooning, and wraps his arm around me and holds me tight. We fit together so perfectly; in fact, he said a couple weeks ago that it’s proof that we belong together, because no other woman would fit like I do. ::preen:: It makes me feel peaceful, content, protected, and loved; he says that he just can’t sleep if I’m not there curled up against him, because that’s where I belong. Another thing to love about it, is that it fre lead to….other activities….late at night or early in the morning, after he’s had his cock nestled between my ass cheeks for a few hours. Rubbing up against each other that way is one of the best feelings in the world. ::sigh:: Now I want my man to hurry up and get home so we can fall into bed together. 🙂

4. Select seven sensual bloggers to give this to.

OK, I can’t do seven, because I have to do some more for the next award, and I haven’t been online enough recently, and I’ll run out of nominees. So here are three that I particularly like.

  • Sir Q and me fiona has been one of my favorite bloggers for awhile now. Part of it is because so much of what she writes could easily be about Himself and I….and a lot more of what she writes is stuff I’d like to do or try. And she’s funny. Sensual and funny…hard to pull it off, but she manages. 🙂 From Belt To Better is my current favorite.
  • Dumb Domme has been one of my favorite bloggers since I first started up here at WordPress. Like most of my other favorites, she’s both hot and funny. While I was catching up on old posts this week, I found this blog, a letter from her boy J which, as she notes, is hot, and also a great treatise on why submissive ≠weak; and this blog, an email from her to J which is…oh….my. 🙂
  • MariMar is pretty consistently hot and sexy. Whether she’s posting pics or erotic fiction or scene reports, it’s always good. A recent post about a take-down by her Dom tripped my trigger but good. This line especially: “Did you really think you could get away from me, little girl”… Oh, my. ::fan fan fan::

5. Create or borrow seven sensual questions for those seven sensual bloggers to answer.

Nah, I’m going with the “state seven things about yourself” thing from the next award instead. 🙂

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On June 4, Life Of A Lover Girl nominated me for the Inspiring Blogger Award.


I can only imagine what I’m inspiring people to do…. <big evil grin>

ANYWAY. LOALG (can I call you that?) was a new blogger to me. If she’s new to you too, you should go check her out. I haven’t read a lot yet, but enough to know that she’s pretty brutally honest about her adventures (and mis-adventures) in the world of open relationships.

The rules for this award are:

1. Thank the blogger who awarded you with a link back to their blog (Done! See above).

2. Copy and paste this award on your blog (Done!)

3. State 7 things about yourself.

1. I recently found out that I am 1” taller than I have thought I was for the last 32 years. This came as somewhat of a shock. When did I grow? Sometime after I became an adult, clearly. I did not even know this was possible!

2. On the opposite end of the spectrum, my feet are shrinking. Shoes that used to fit me, no longer do. I have heard people say their feet get bigger as they get older; I’ve never heard anyone say theirs got smaller. So I googled it recently and, of course, there are other people who’ve experienced this. And all of them had the same reaction: “WTF? Has anybody else ever heard of this?” So clearly I’m not alone.

3. I am in my last year of pre-crone-ness. I think I’m rocking it pretty good though.

4. I adore Himself. (No, this is not new information. But it is definitely something true about me. 🙂 )

5. I have dogs and cats and a big flower garden and an even bigger kitchen garden, plus an orchard, and we’re growing a forest on the back of our property. It’s very cool.

6. I’m a big ol’ mushball. Sad songs, happy movies, doesn’t matter much, if it’s good I’ll probably cry. Himself does not understand the (apparently female) need for “a good cry.” He laughs that I measure the “goodness” of a movie by how hard I was sobbing. Well, actually, he’s kind of right about that. LOL

7. I have tan lines! No, see, if you knew personally, IRL, you’d know what a rare occurrence that is. And it’s despite using 100 SPF sunscreen. Which I guess tells you how much time I’ve been spending in the sun lately.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.


Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. So, again, I’ll just pick some individual bloggers/posts that I found inspiring.

  • Kinky Good Girl is a poly, kinky, joyously slutty good girl. Her explorations of various relationships, especially with DomDoc, are frequently hot, occasionally yucky (by her own description), and always honest. I particularly enjoyed It Happened, a post about settling into a relationship, and the same-but-different kinds of joy that come with that.
  • Love Sex & Marriage is another long-time favorite blog. LSAM has a DD marriage and is one of the folks who got me interested in the concept. A blog she posted last month, The Purpose of Punishment, falls into the “inspiring” category for me in the sense that it makes me want to do (or feel) something. We (Himself and I) have toyed with DD, but have never crossed into that formal arrangement, and probably never will…but posts like this remind me of why, in certain situations, punishment works for me–and is almost a necessity to let me move on.

So, that’s it! Thank you again, deviants, for sticking with me during my long absences, and to Feve and LOALG for the awards. Smooches!