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Or, how to keep your wench happy, healthy, and satisfied.

(A story told in vignettes)

chains 2

Compliment Her

“Have I told you that I love your tits?”

“No, Sir, not recently.”

“Well, I do. They’re amazing,” he tells her, burying his face between them.


He is lying on his back, his cock balls-deep in her mouth. As she licks and sucks and licks some more, he groans, “God, that’s so hot.”

Later, after he comes, he tells her, “I love your sweet mouth.”

“Mmph mmph?” she asks, her mouth still full of his cock

“Yes, I do.”

“That’s just because your dick likes warm, wet places.”

“No, it likes your warm, wet places.”

“It does?”

“Yes, it does.”

She squeals and launches herself into his arms.

“Sometimes you say just exactly the right thing, Sir.”

chains 2

Use Her

She wakes with a surge of lust, panting and bucking her hips, his fingers on her nipples. He puts her hand on him, and she gasps as warmth floods her pussy. Not just wetness; no, she actually feels the blood rushing into her cunt, heating it. He rubs her mound, groans appreciatively, then slides his thumb into her mouth, pumping it, fucking her with it. She moans, low and desperate.

“Good girl. Such a good slut.”

She moans again, and bucks her hips against him.

“I think you need something else in your mouth. Something bigger. I think you need to suck my cock.”

“Mmph!” she agrees enthusiastically. He chuckles, that dark, dirty laugh that makes her clit throb, and she grinds her aching pussy against his leg. Then he’s on his knees, his cock bobbing in front of her face. She grasps the base and wraps her mouth around the head, swirling her tongue around him, tasting him. He tastes…right. Her man. Her Dom. All she wants in that moment is to please him, to pleasure him, to be used by him.

“I’m going to come down your throat tonight. I’m going to do it because I like it, and because I can do whatever I want to you. You’re going to suck every drop of cum out of my cock, and you’re going to love it.” She nods enthusiastically and mmphs at him again. She’s pumping him faster now, and salty pre-cum spurts gently into her mouth. She takes him deeper, deeper, almost deep enough to swallow around him, and then she feels his cock get thicker, and she knows he’s close…He grabs her head and fucks her mouth, hard, so far down her throat that she can hardly even taste him when he comes. She swallows around him and he groans and pumps harder, twice, three times, until he collapses across her.

She keeps sucking and licking until every drop of cum is cleaned off of his beautiful cock, and then licks him some more, just because she loves it, swirling his head with her tongue, until he laughs and tells her to stop. She gives him one last swirl, then pulls back, reluctantly.

As he lies down next to her, she stretches luxuriously, and says “Good to the last drop.” He laughs again and says, emphatically, “Yes, you are,” which makes her laugh too. He pulls her tight against him. She is so proud of herself, for making him feel good, for servicing him, and as she drifts back into sleep, she hears him whisper, “good girl,” and her soul sings.

chains 2

Cherish Her

He pulls her back against him, spooning her tightly, and rumbles happily. She holds his hand in hers.

“This is the best part of my day.”

He rumbles again.

“Do you ever feel like we were made for each other?”

“Yes…but what brought that up?”

“When I’m wrapped around you like this, it just feels so good. You fit just right.”

chains 2

Dominate Her

The spanking is wonderful. She can feel her ass pinking up, and warmth spreads through her pelvis. She wants more–more contact, more sensation, more ownership, more submission. He swats her again in the sweet spot and she groans and pushes back into his hand.

“Greedy little thing, aren’t you,” he laughs. She nods enthusiastically, too happy, too subby, to speak coherently.

She can feel his cock under her, hard and ready, throbbing. She wants it, wants him, and so she flexes her hips down to rub her mound across his lap. He groans, and nudges her up on her knees.

“Lie down under me,” he commands. “I want my cock between your tits.”

She scrambles to get into position and squeezes her tits together, making a perfect valley for his cock. He starts to stroke between them and her pussy throbs.

He is facing her toes, his balls dangling enticingly in her face. She can’t resist the temptation, and reaches up to nuzzle them gently. She’s gratified to hear him groan.

“Lick my balls,” he says. She licks them delicately, teasing him, and giggles.


“…yes, Sir?”

“Lick. My. Balls. Don’t make me tell you again.”

The menace in his voice goes straight to her cunt and she groans, spreading her legs wide and raising her pussy toward him. He laughs–he knows the effect he has on her, the sadistic bastard. Thank god.

She sticks her tongue all the way out and gives him a thorough licking. God, she loves his balls–the weight of them against her mouth, the velvety skin, the musky scent…her enthusiasm is obvious and he groans in appreciation.

“Good girl. Such a good slut. Who’s your Daddy?”

“You are, Sir.”

“And who owns you?”

“You do, Daddy.”

“That’s right. And what can I do to you?

“Oh, god! Anything you want to, Daddy!” she gasps, overpowered by the lust she feels every time he reminds her of her place.

“Do you know what I’m going to do now?”

“No, Sir.” 

“I’m going to play with my slut.”

“Oh, god! Yes, please, Daddy!”

He slides his finger up her dripping slit.

“Hmm. Somebody’s awfully wet.”

“Mmph,” she agrees, her tongue working his balls again.

“Such a good little slut, getting so wet for me.” She groans as he slides his finger into her cunt, just to his knuckle, and stops.

“Mmph!!” she protests, thrusting her pussy up to his hand.

“Do you want more?”


“Lick my ass, and you’ll get more.”

She groans as she licks a trail from his balls and wiggles her tongue inside him. He groans and she feels her cunt gush.

“Yeah, good girl. You love that, don’t you, my little whore.”

She doesn’t even bother to answer, she just keeps tonguing him. He flexes his ass and she wiggles her tongue deeper and she’s getting desperate, begging without words…and then he’s there, pushing his finger in all the way, pumping hard, hitting her G-spot with each pass, and god it feels good. He pushes another finger into her and he’s pounding her, slamming his fingers in and out, cupping her mound with every down stroke, and she feels the pressure building, getting close…

…and he stops. She howls in protest, which just makes him laugh. Then  he pulls away from her. Dammit!

His voice drops, going all domly and growly and melting her bones.

“I’m going to fuck your throat now. Open for me.”

She opens her jaw, tilts her chin, and relaxes her throat. She loves this–his balls slapping her face, his cock down her throat, deeper than she ever thought she’d be able to take him, and it makes her feel so owned, so submissive, to take him this way. Her cunt gushes again, and again, a little more with each thrust of his cock, and then he goes rigid. He pumps slow and hard, his cock thick in her mouth, and then he slams it home, as deep as he can go. She swallows around him again and again, milking him, sucking him dry–and as he groans and shudders above her she knows her own power, the power to give him this, to give him herself, and she feels a fierce pride.

He shudders one last time and collapses on his elbows, pulling his cock out of her mouth. She pouts, but then realizes that his balls are dangling in front of her most enticingly again, so she flicks her tongue on the seam and he jumps and yelps, then laughs. She giggles too, high on the rush that submitting to him gives her.

He rolls to the side and starts fingering her pussy again, running his finger up to her swollen clit and back down to her cunt, until she’s panting and moaning in desperation.

“Touch yourself. I want you to come for me.”

She strokes her clit, slowly and gently at first, but she’s so far gone already that she wants more, more more more, and she reaches for the vibrator in the nightstand.

“Fuck yourself with it.”

She makes a pouting noise–she wants his fingers in her, not the cold hard toy–but he flicks her nipple and says “Now!” in that don’t-fuck-with-me voice and suddenly she wants nothing more than to fuck herself with the toy, to please him. She sets it to a low, deep, slow pulse and slides it into her sopping wet cunt–oh, god! The vibrations stimulate her clit from inside her cunt, while her finger does to work on the outside. It feels so good, and she knows he’s watching, she wants to please him, wants to come for him, but she’s not quite there yet…

Her cunt is so wet she can feel it dripping down her ass, the vibrator is throbbing away inside her and she’s close, so close, and then his eyes flash and he says “Come.”

And she flies apart in his hands, gasping and shaking and screaming.

For him.

Always, only, for him.