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This is my new public cuff (and, also, my Christmas present). Isn’t it pretty?


We’ve been looking since before Christmas, trying to find something that was just right.


I didn’t want something typical, something trendy, or something that you can find in every department store in the world.

No, I wanted something unique, something that looked like me, something I could wear every day. Something that FELT like a cuff to me, so I would know, every second that I am wearing it, that I am owned. That I belong to Him. That he is my Master.


Friday, we went antiquing and we found it! The perfect cuff. It’s sterling, it’s solid, it’s lighter than it looks but heavy enough to remind me that it’s there. And Himself says it looks like “me.”


Last night, he told me “this is my mark of ownership.”


And my mark of being Owned.

I am yours, Sir. Always.