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“You like bouncing against my balls, don’t you.” A statement, not a question.

Mmmmmph? I ask sleepily.

“Especially when my dick is buried balls-deep in your ass.”

Mmmmmph! I say again, a little more awake this time.

“I like it when you bounce your ass off my balls too.”

You do?

“I do. And I think I’m going to fuck your tight little ass tonight so you can bounce off my balls. Would you like that?”

Oh, god, yes Sir!

“Get yourself ready for me”

Yes, Sir…what do you want me to do?

“You’re going to fetch your vibrating plug, and I’m going to stuff it in your ass.”

Mmm, yes, Sir…

“Then I’m going to turn it on.”


“And then I’m going to go to sleep.”

I whimper loudly in protest.

“In one hour, you’re going to wake me up by sucking my cock. And when I’ve had enough of that, I’m going to fuck you in the ass. Do you understand?”

Yes, Sir, I understand, I sigh, relieved.

“Good girl. Now go get your toy.”   I scramble to the toy drawer and pull out the purple anal bead vibrator.

Is this one okay?

“Is that the one you want?”  I nod vigorously while rolling a condom over it. “Then it’s fine. Now, get up here and show me your ass,” he says, patting the bed.

I kneel in presentation, jumping a little when he smooths cold lube over and around my tight hole. He slides his finger in just a bit to tease me, and I thrust back against him, moaning.

“Hmmmm….I think your ass is ready for plugging.”

I make a garbled noise, incoherent and slightly desperate.

The toy nudges against me and I open myself, spreading my legs and thrusting back against it. He slides it in bead by bead, until it’s in as far as it will go. He twists the cap, and the Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  make me jump again. Oh god, it feels so good. I wiggle my ass at him, shivering all over.

“You like that, don’t you, you little slut?” he chuckles.

Oh, Daddy, yes. It feels so good.

“Do you remember your instructions?”

Yes, Sir. I’m supposed to lie here with the plug in my ass for an hour and then I’m supposed to wake you up by sucking your cock and then you’re going to fuck my tight little ass.”

Another chuckle. “Good girl. Let me sleep now.”   I lie beside him in the dark, with the toy is buzzing away in my ass. It’s good, but something’s missing….

Sir, is it okay if I get my vibrator out too?

“Yes, you can use your vibrator. But be quiet now and let me sleep.”

Yes, Sir, I whisper.

I grab my new Emotional Bliss Femblossom vibe, along with some Supple Nipples Tit Suckers, and settle in to keep myself entertained for an hour.

I play with the vibrator for awhile until my clit starts to really sit up and take notice, and then put one of the nipple suckers on it. It sets my clit on fire, and my pussy gushes. I put the other two on my nipples, squeezing to get just the right amount of suction….ah, that’s it.

I let myself sink into the sensations–the engorgement in my nipples and clit, the vibration in my ass, my dripping pussy while I think about the fact that I am readying myself for my Master, which turns me on even more. My swollen clit is begging for attention, so I rub my massager up against the suction cup…the combination of vibration and suction almost makes me come undone.

I glance at the clock, and….20 minutes? It’s only been 20 MINUTES?? Crap! How am I going to survive another 40 minutes of this?! My clit is so tingly and wet now I can hardly stand it! I flop back down on the bed in disgust and frustration.

My movement disturbs Himself, who rolls over in his sleep and squeezes my breasts, then slides his hand down to my cunt. He pauses briefly when he encounters the suction cup on my clit, making a sleepy, questioning sound before he grabs it and tugs on it. I am seconds from going off like a rocket when he abruptly stops and rolls back over again.

I consider, suspiciously, that he might not actually be asleep, and that he did that just to wind me up a little more. In other words, I think he’s fucking with me. Then I remember…this whole scenario is set up to fuck with me! Right. I almost forgot that in the haze of pleasure surrounding me. 🙂

With 15 minutes left, the suction cups come off. My clit is swollen and exquisitely sensitive, and I start to stroke it.

The first orgasm takes me by surprise, hard and fast. I pant quietly, trying to let Himself sleep as ordered, but it’s so hard not to moan when it feels so good!

I rest a minute and then go at it again. The second orgasm is even stronger, and I gasp at the force of it while the shockwaves roll over me…

When it’s over, I realize the plug in my ass in no longer vibrating, and I reach down to find it hot to the touch. Oops–looks like I’ve killed another one! I turn it off and lie quietly, watching the clock count down the minutes…

And then it’s time.

I roll over and squirm under the covers. Himself is facing me, his cock hidden in the crevice between his thighs. I move his leg gently to so I can take him in my mouth…

I love sucking his cock when it’s soft, holding it in my mouth while it grows and hardens, and I whimper with the pleasure it gives me. He wakes slowly as I bring his cock to life with my tongue, and turns on the light so he can watch me suck him. He pushes my face down and I lick his balls enthusiastically. When he pulls me up by my hair to suck him again, my clit throbs with excitement, and I groan as moisture floods my cunt again.

“Ah, my little whore likes that, does she?”

Mmmph, mmph mmph, I mumble around his hard cock. Mmmph, mmph!!

He laughs, then grabs my hair again, pulling my mouth away from him. I mewl in protest and strain toward him, trying to pull his cock back into my mouth, until he gives my hair a little shake.

I look up into his eyes, dark with desire and crinkled in amusement, and smile back at him, feeling suddenly shy.

He order me to turn around, so I pivot and present my rump to him. He turns the vibrator on (apparently I didn’t kill it after all, I just wore it out 😉 )  and fucks me with it. I arch and moan until he growls, pulls the toy out, and kneels up to rub the head of his cock against me. Lust shoots through me and I push back against him.

He’s a lot bigger than the toy, and it hurts a little when he pushes the head in. I gasp and whimper a little, and he pauses to let me adjust.

“Okay now?” he asks me, tenderness and concern mixed with the Dom Voice.

Mmm-hm, I sigh, it feels good.

“Do you want more?”

Oh, yes, please, Daddy.

“Please, what?”

Please, please fuck my ass!

Then he’s pounding me, hitting bottom (heh) with every thrust, and I’m panting and begging for more, please, more! My arousal spirals up and up and up every time his balls slap against my cunt, the tension building and building as I rub my clit. Then he slams into me hard, shuddering and growling, and I know he’s coming in me, deep in my ass, claiming it, claiming me…and my ass belongs to him and only him, and that thought tips me over the edge into a third orgasm, the strongest yet, my cunt clenching, my ass grabbing his cock and holding tight while I ride out the waves.

Oh god oh god oh god, I cry, I’m coming, Daddy, I’m coming! Thank you, Daddy, thank you, thank you….

Later, satiated and happy, we lie curled together, spooning. “Good wench,” he whispers, nuzzling my hair, as I fall asleep in his arms.