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I have, once again, been horribly remiss in acknowledging an award! This time, it is the Leibster Blog Award, which I received a couple of weeks ago from daddy’s naughty little girl. If you’re into or curious about Daddy Dom/little girl relationships, be sure to check her out!

“Liebster” translates roughly to dearest, darling, or beloved, and it is supposed to be awarded to up & coming bloggers with fewer than 200 (or maybe 300, or even 3000, depending on the source!) followers. This is good, since I had decided that the next time I got an award, I was going to focus on some of the newer bloggers that I’ve stumbled upon recently. 🙂

The rules for accepting the “Liebster Blog Award”:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Post 11 things about yourself.

3. Copy and answer the 11 questions from your nominator’s blog post.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers, link to them, and let them know they’ve been nominated.

(I made a few changes to the rules because…well…because I can! 😉 )

So, without further ado:

11 Things About Me

1. I am a shoe-whore.

2. Also, a purse-whore.

3. And, dare I say it, a book whore. Thank gawd for Kindle freebies or I’d be in the poorhouse. 😀

4. I cannot be happy without critters; the longest I’ve gone without a pet was 6 months and it was one of the most miserable times of my life.

5. I adore my work, it feels like I am doing exactly what I was born to do.

6. I have become quite the DIY girl in the past few years–gardening, canning, knitting, creating my own recipes–it’s like Little House on the Prairie around here. 😉

7. At this very moment, my dogs are looking at me reproachfully, and complaining that I am a Terrible Mother, because I haven’t fed them for FIVE WHOLE HOURS! It should be noted here that local time is 1030 p.m.; despite the fact that this has NEVER been “meal time” in our house, the dogs insist that they are STARVING and cannot POSSIBLY survive until breakfast without at least a little bit of a late-night nosh. (Yes, my dogs speak fluent guilt. Don’t yours? LOL)

8. I love to drive my car, which is very loud and very fast and very sexy, and I will make up errands that have to be done RIGHT NOW just to have an excuse to get it out on the road.

9. After 30+ years of sexual activity, 15+ years of that with my husband, and 12+ years as his sub, I still manage to discover new, fascinating kinks that I can’t wait to try. Ain’t life grand? 😀

10. My goal is to “be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground in the morning, the devil says “Oh shit, she’s up!”

11.  I love my Sir beyond all reason. Even when I’m hating him because he’s beating my ass with that FUCKING ping pong paddle which I FUCKING hate, I still adore him. 🙂

11 Questions:

  1. If you were dessert what would you be called? Chocolate Lava Cake. Himself has that effect on me. <beg>
  2. Who is on top of our Fantasy fuck list? (Alive/dead) Wow. My exempt list is quite extensive, so I had to think about this one for awhile. Final conclusion: Nathan Fillion, as Cap’t Mal. No, wait: Sam Elliot. No no no, that’s not it either! I’m going to go with Dave Navarro. Or maybe Christina Hendricks…. (see what I mean?? LOL)
  3.  Which song title would best describe you? Why? There are two:
    1. “Like a Hurricane,” Neil Young. My ex-husband bestowed this on me, and Himself concurs that I am, in fact, a force of nature. ;)2. “Punk Rock Girl,” The Dead Milkmen. Himself bestowed this one on me because, when I met him, I was. And still am, deep down in my heart.
  4. Which accent do you find the sexiest? Why? Gaelic. Just always have. The cadence, the lyricism, the language and vocabulary… just yummy.
  5. Which part of the body do you find attractive in the opposite sex? Why? Hrm. I have to pick just one? OK. Well, I’d have to go with upper legs. There’s something about a man with defined, muscular legs that just does it for me. ‘specially when it’s MY man. ::swoon::
  6. If you had a day to do whatever you wish; with no kids or housework, how would you spend it? In bed, with Himself. With the occasional break to snack, nap, and read BDSM fiction. I’m a simple woman with simple tastes. 😀
  7. What would you like to receive most for your next birthday? A cruise to Alaska, or a trip to Ireland & Scotland.
  8. Which housework/chore would like to pay someone else to do the most? Why? I hate ALL housework, and I DO pay somebody else to do it. 🙂
  9. What is your favourite drink? Bailey’s on the rocks. Yum.
  10. What is on top of your sexual bucket list for this year? Figging. The ginger is in the fridge waiting….
  11. Which genre of movie you can’t stand? Really scary or gory horror movies, they give me nightmares. Beyond that, mushy romantic drivel–if I wouldn’t read it in a book, I don’t want to see it in a movie. REAL romance, OTOH, I’m all for it.

My 11 Nominees

So, I’m going to focus here on some new (to me, anyway) bloggers I’ve been following. Most of them I’ve found because THEY found ME, and when I went to check out their blogs, I liked what I saw. Go and peruse, they deserve a wider audience.

1. Filled and Fooled  I have noticed recently that many of my favorite blogs focus on the journey the writer is taking. And because of my own bent and interests, that’s usually a sexual journey, and often a kinky one. F&F falls squarely into that category. I’m hoping she doesn’t ever completely figure things out because then she’d probably stop writing, and that would be a disappointment. 🙂

2. Kinky Good Girl  Another journeyer, who is rediscovering her “slutty, joyous self.” Frank, funny, sexy, and not afraid to do some good, old-fashioned navel-gazing when circumstances call for it.

3. Sir Q and me  Fiona’s blog is one of my new favorites. I love the relationship she has with her Sir, and the way she writes about it–honesty, a sense of humor, and a good bit of hot sex. Mmmmm. 🙂

4. Surrendered to Sir Yes, I lean toward the s-type blogs. Although it can be interesting and informative to read things from the D-type perspective, it’s a lot hotter, for me, to read an s-type and imagine me in her place, and Himself as the Dom…This is a good blog to read for that. 🙂

5. the wanton wife explores how she and her husband work their way toward recovering from her affair; as such, it can be brutally honest and painful at times. At others, it can be awfully  goddamned hot. It’s her fault that Himself and I are finally taking the plunge to try figging… 😀

6. And speaking of figging….  Figging: Anal Discipline is a blog devoted to all things hot and incendiary, at least as they relate to the torturing of poor, innocent, panting, begging subs. This is the second site to blame for my current fascination with ginger. They’ve also given a nod to the wanton wife, which just goes to show they’ve got good sense. 😀

7. Surrendered Heart  Right now, there’s a lot of rage on this blog, and for good reason: she had the unfortunate (and unfortunately all-too-common) experience of running into an asshole disguised as a dom (lower case used intentionally). My heart goes out to her, and I hope that this won’t mean she gives up, or that she stops writing. Go show her some love and encouragement, would you? She needs and deserves it

8. Surrendered by Choice  A submissive woman, a Dominant man, and quite a bit of truly lovely poetry. And some good fiction as well. 🙂

9. Cock Worshipping Sub  This is not a blogger, per se, but more of a collective of subs  who love to, well, worship cocks, and then write about it. Members’ blogs (including yours truly) are also linked on the site.

10  Bright Bottom CWS used to be “just” a page on this blog. (the CWS page there is now devoted to CWS Challenges–aka specific topics for CWS members to write about if and when they feel like it). Spanky’s blog is THE place to go for all things spanking–hot pics, hot stories, techniques, positions…you name it, if it’s anything to do with spanking, it’s there. 🙂

11. A Domestic Discipline Society Another recent obsession of mine, which Himself does not seem to be opposed to. If you like DD, you’ll love this site.