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It’s bedtime, and I snuggle back into Sir’s warm body as he cups my cold breast and strokes my nipple. He’s exhausted and sick but he’s been gone 10 days, and I’m so hungry for him. I move his hand down to cup my smooth, bare pussy and arch against him, throbbing, wanting. He slides his fingers across my clit as I grind my ass against him.

“Did you miss my dick?”

Oh, god, yes sir.

“Good, cause my dick missed you too.”

It did?


Your dick didn’t find any other warm, wet spaces to crawl into?*

“No.” He chuckles, and slides his finger down to gently stroke my asshole. I wiggle against him.

“I like it when you’re smooth back here for me. It feels so good.”

Does it really feel that different?

“Oh, yeah. It’s amazing.” He strokes me again, then growls in my ear, “Do you remember what I did to you the first time you got your ass and your little pussy all smooth for me?”

You fucked my ass.

“That’s right.”

He starts fingering my ass—in and out, in and out. I whimper.

“You know what I want? I want to put my dick in your tight, smooth asshole. Do you like that?”

Oh, yes Sir!

“I do too. I think we’re going to do that now.”


Right now?

“Oh yes, right now.”


No warm-up?

“My finger in your ass is your warm up.”


He rolls over.

“Get up here.”

On top?

“Yes, on top.”

I climb on board and rub against him. He hands me the lube and I drizzle it down his cock, rubbing it all over, stroking him up and down. I lean forward to rest my head on his chest, reach between us, and smooth lube on my tight hole.

“Now put your finger in. Stretch it for me.”

I slide a finger in slowly, past the outer ring, thrusting and withdrawing.

“Feel good?”


Yes Sir…

“Now put two in. Feel good? Yeah? Are you stretching yourself for me?”

I’m really not sure about this, not at all. I don’t like being on top during anal. And I don’t want to finger myself, dammit, I want him to finger me. But I am an obedient slave, so I do it anyway. In and out, in and out…

….I stop thinking about the fact that I’m fingering myself, and start noticing how it feels. It’s…interesting. Smooth, much smoother than I had expected, much smoother than my cunt with its always-swollen g-spot. The muscle ridges are so strong, but elastic and stretchy. I scissor my fingers, fascinated at how it feels in there.

I have never done this before.

“Done what?”

Fingered my ass.

He chuckles. It’s surprising to both of us to find something that I haven’t done before.

“Now get up here and ride my cock.”

I grab it and slide down until the head is inside and I feel full and stretched. A moment’s rest, and then I take the rest of it inside me. God, it feels good.

“Does that feel good?”

Oh, yes Sir!!

He chuckles again, then bucks up into me.


I close my eyes and concentrate on the feel of his cock in my ass. I want it deeper, harder, and so I push a little more. Still not deep enough, but I discover that when I push down as far as I can go, I can grind my clit against his pubis. I moan. I sit up straight for awhile. I can’t pump as hard, but he’s deeper, and I like that. Then back down, grinding my clit against him.

I love watching his face when we fuck.

On your knees.”

I scramble down and present my ass to him, and he slams into me balls deep. I squeal, then bury my face in the pillow—we have a houseguest and I have to be quiet. He pulls out and slams into me again. And again. And again. I whimper and moan and thrust back as hard as I can.

Oh, Sir…fuck me, come in me, please!

When he comes he slams into me so hard I slide forward a couple of inches and scream a little before I can remember to bite down on the pillow. He pounds me again and again until he’s spent.

Please, Sir, one more, hard, please!

He bucks into me hard once, again, then shudders and collapses on top of me.



Thank you for fucking me in the ass.

“Good girl. You’re welcome.”

*Body Count’s Evil Dick