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Hello, deviants! Long time no see!

It’s been a long dry spell here at ché deviant–what with work, and Himself’s business trips, and me being sick, and him being sick, and it being harvesting and canning season…well, sex and time have both been scarce on the ground. 😦

But I’m back (in the saddle, so to speak ;)) now!

First, I came back to the blog to find that I have reached 60 followers. I’m kind of amazed that I have new followers when I haven’t even been writing for over a month! I promise you, deviants, I will try to do better in the future. 😀

Second, I am only 100 views away from 4000 hits. I remember being extremely excited when I hit 500. 4000 is almost incomprehensible. Thanks, deviants!

Third, the lovely and fascinating Mistress Aemilia Hawk of Velvet Thoughts honored me with The Compassionate Communicator award!

The rulez:

  1. Pass the award on to bloggers whose posts have personally benefited you in some way.
  2. Explain why and how their posts have benefited you.
  3. Link back to and thank the person who gave you the award (done!)

Now, here’s the thing: I’ve been swamped and haven’t had much time to read lately, so any posts I could refer to specifically would be weeks old. So I’m going to bend the rulez a little bit (oppositional defiant? Li’l ol’ me?!? LOL) and award bloggers for the body of their work that I’ve enjoyed, vs specific works within that body.

Got that? Yeah? OK, here we go!

A Sexual Being Being a submissive is not easy, and not always happy or rewarding; in fact, sometimes it just plain sucks. Kayla is unflinchingly honest in sharing the feelings and experiences, both good and bad, of submission.

Exploring Surrender Conina has made it on to just about every list I’ve ever done. She is smart, funny, hot, and achingly honest–another writer who takes the bad with the good and isn’t afraid to share it when it happens.

Love Sex and Marriage Many of the writers that resonate the most with me focus on the intersection of marriage and D/s. LS&M find creative solutions to problems, devise wonderfully evil uses for common household implements, and remind me of the outrageous joy I find in my relationship with Himself.

The Black Leather Belt Lily is a hoot, a fantastic writer (with a book coming! Yay Lily!), and she lives a wonderfully complex life, which she describes thusly: “Now I have a husband, two kids, a dog, a white picket fence, a whole lot of bondage equipment…and a girlfriend. Who calls me “Daddy.””

Temperature’s Rising Mistress Aemilia Hawk paid me a great compliment by saying that “Whenever I need a smile on my face, this is the blog I go to. She always makes me laugh.” Well, Mrs Fever is who I turn to when I need a smile. I adore her, not least because she is the *only* person in the known universe who calls me “Wenchie.” LOL

The Sexpeditions of Lady J Lady J has been through the shit. In fact, quite frequently, she is still going through the shit. But she does it with grace, humor, insight, love, and passion. And she doesn’t give up. Ever.

Go, read, and enjoy!