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Google is my friend, sometimes, because it leads people to my blog with some of the most random search strings in the universe. 🙂

Oh, some of them are obvious, like BDSM, which probably gives people about 25 million hits but somehow, occasionally, leads them to me. And then there are the not-so-obvious, the funny, the odd, and the outright weird…

Herewith, some of my faves.

flogging the wench. (This reminds me of Jessica Rabbit shaking the weasels and therefor makes me LOL 😉 )

spank my cunt

zapping the clitoris

positions of submission ass up (heh)

kinky domination erotic blog short stories

deviant blog (Why yes, it is indeed, thank you for noticing)

ping pong paddle spanking (I hate that fucking ping pong paddle…)

master beats submissive pain slut 

riding crop spanking.tumblr (tumblr? how’d a search for tumblr get to me??)

kink 1 pussy whipping (and at least 5 other different variations of pussy whipping)

bdsmlibrary electrodes

bdsm mylar flogger

batman submissive (??)

violet wand tickling

dont spank me (how on earth did that search phrase lead somebody to my blog?!?)

bdsm flogged submissive bloody back story (erm….)

bare butt


high frequency electrodes sex

i had 5 fingers in my cunt and 4 in my arse (WTF?? I’ve never even written “arse” on my blog. How did this lead to my blog??)

clit orgasm

real submission pussy spanking (as opposed to fake submission pussy spanking, I suppose…)

watch tease tingle naughty spank lick gspot (ooh, I like that one 🙂 )

tied to a spanking bench tumblr (another tumblr. WTF?)

clit twitching swelling throbbing aching (like that one too)

s&m spanky bench (I want a spanky bench!)

sunday night pussy

sex slave mission bdsm

fetlife seattle sunday night (?)

i like being restrained for a spanking (well, yes…)

define primal kink (and at least 6 other variations of this one, most including fetlife)

spanking submission

wench next door blog (apparently this is the blog where TDND and I team up….)

otk kink

bdsm bi male domination

slaves in love bdsm melody (“slaves in love” would be a great title for a BDSM novel, don’t you think?)

domination submissiveness mdm/what is mdm domination and submissive (what IS mdm domination??) 

“domestic discipline”

fetlive bdsm francais 

naughty erotic fantacy confessions (must…not…correct…spelling errors…in…search term…list…)

wench st andrews cross

spanking marriage

d electro stem

submissive scene report

new to electrostim play bdsm scared

domme studded heavy leather blog

screaming safe word (heh)

my dom space

“nipple orgasm “

spank that wench (probably my second favorite search term so far LOL)

slave wench erotica

gitane demone spanking (gotta give props to anybody looking for gitane demone)

b&d balls restraint

spanked wench

sunday morning cunt

tie her down for sex (yes please!)

panties around ankles spank jpg

jung bdsm arms reverse prayer (??? in what universe do these terms belong on the same string??)

tumblr b&d cunt (tumblr again)

female exhibitionist

batman deviant sex (2nd reference to batman…WTF?)

almost came when i was playing with my nipple

deviant open pussy spanking

spanking please sir may i have another harder

safe spanking implements for breast and nipples

collared wench

paddled with a shoehorn spanking

torture my breasts violet wand

if your slave goes astray domination

slave wench sex stories

girlfriend naked whipped submissive please sir

hit me please sir

mission bdsm

show women being sternly spanked with belt cane or paddle tumblr (tumblr again… and oddly specific!)

bdsm alfie dom daddy (Erm….huh?)

deep spot orgasm stories

bdsm wench

electrostim hawk

my master forcing his cock up my ass

thrumming nipples (Mmmmm….)

full-length erotic thrillers sex slavery

spanked kneeling with hard-on desk principal

And my very, absolute favorite to date: 

holy fucking butt cheeks  (bwahahahaha!!!)