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??? Um, no, not like that! Like this:


Oh, yeah. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yours truly is a bit of an exhibitionist. And there’s nowhere better to be an exhibitionist than a swinger’s club, where you can get up to all kinds of mischief without anybody complaining…let alone calling the police.

Himself is not (an exhibitionist, that is), and he doesn’t particularly “get” what the attraction of it is for me. He is, however, a loving Master, so he indulges me on occasion.

Our first time at a club, we started slow–just a little (fully dressed) nipple squeezing in the public lounge. It was fucking HOT and I was writhing and moaning in his arms while he played with me. I didn’t care whether anyone was watching or not–the fact that they might be was exciting enough.

A few months ago, we found ourselves in the couples room at a new, much nicer swing club. There were couples in every possible sexual position, groups in creative combinations, a few folks just watching. I focused on the couple on the bed next to us, enjoying the woman’s wigglings and moanings while her man ate her out with great enthusiasm (and, apparently, skill).

Himself held me close, spooning me and caressing me through my bustier. It felt so good, and I couldn’t stop myself from pushing back against his hard cock. He thrust back and my pussy throbbed, aching to feel him inside me. I wiggled some more and arched my breasts forward into his hand. He responded by rolling down the top of my bustier to expose my breasts and nipples. A bolt of pure lust stabbed through me, and I moaned and bucked my hips against him as he started rolling my nipples between his fingers. My head fell back against his shoulder and I was helpless, absolutely helpless, as he squeezed and tormented my nipples. He began flicking them and I almost came on the spot. He rolled me over and kissed me–hard, deep and oh-so-hot…

When we headed back to the club a couple weeks ago, the club was packed and the couples room was literally standing room only. I rubbed my crotch against his, groaning; he responded by pulling down my strapless dress and bandeau, baring my breasts completely. When he reached down and started playing with my nipples, my knees almost buckled and my pussy liquified. I leaned up against him for a kiss, then whispered “I want to suck you so bad right now.” He leaned down and, in that deep dark Dom voice that I love so much, whispered “I just might let you.”

I felt his hands on my shoulders, pushing me to my knees, and then I had his lovely, hard cock in my mouth. The surge of lust in my belly was so strong, I almost fell over; when he tangled his hands in my hair to hold my head while he fucked my mouth, I went into subspace so far, so fast, that I completely lost track of where I was.

When I opened my eyes some time later, still sucking and licking him, I saw people watching us while they played with their own partners in a crazy, sexual feedback loop. God, that was hot. Eventually he pulled me to my feet, held me tight to steady me, and helped me to cover myself. Then, on fire for each other, we went home.

He says we can do that again. I can hardly wait. ::moan::