Or, how I became a very inspiring, beautiful unicorn. 😀

I have, in one day, been nominated for multiple blogging awards!

The Beautiful Blogger award, awarded by: 
Scot and Leigh at The Dom Next Door
Miss D at Deviant Diaries

The META Awesomest Blog Unicorn award, awarded by:
Scot and Leigh at The Dom Next Door
Miss D at Deviant Diaries

(Okay, I do not get why everybody makes fun of this picture. I lurve this picture! Guess my gothy/punky roots are showing again!)

And finally, The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, awarded by Miss D at Deviant Diaries:

And are there Rules? You betcha!

1. Include the award logo(s) somewhere in your blog

2. Answer 10 questions you have about yourself

I have officially decided this mandate translates to “Share 10 factoids that absolutely no one really needs to know about me, but which I am going to share anyway, because that’s how I roll”:

1. My Aussie pup, who is 16 months old, only has one nut. The other one is up in his abdomen, next to his bladder. He is having a laparoscopy today to get it out. Thank gawd for Ultrasound, which allows them to go straight to it instead of having to go spelunking in his innards.

2. My Border Collie is depressed and lonely and under my feet at all times. She does not know what to do with Dave gone.

3. Dave is at the Vet College hospital, which is 2 hours from our house. Yes, it was necessary. Wouldn’t you want only the best if someone had to go spelunking in your baby’s innards?

4. I will be watching whales this weekend. It’s my first time and I’m ridiculously excited.

5. I hope to also see eagles. Lots and lots of eagles.

6. My cat is obsessed with my nostrils. I often wake up in the morning to find her trying to lick inside of them. Occasionally her tooth catches my nose stud, which trust me, is not a sensation you want to wake up to.

7. Himself says I am a fiend, because I smelled his armpit the other day and got turned on. Well, of course I did, it smelled like HIM. Duh. (Lily will get this, I know :))

8. I could identify him by smell while blindfolded, if I was required to. That would probably turn me on too.

9. Yes, he is wench-nip.

10. I am becoming more and more obsessed with spanking. I much prefer bedtime spankings to bedtime stories, and I’ve been asking for swats nightly.  Last night was 50 swats with a ping-pong paddle. ::swoon:: How lucky am I to have a guy that’ll do that for me?!

3. Nominate 10 to 12 blogs you enjoy. Or you pick the number. (I’ll pick)
I am going to try not to have the same batch of blogs that I listed on my last reward post. So if I nominated you before and I don’t nominate you this time, it doesn’t mean I love you any less. 🙂
1. a dissolute life means… Hyacinth’s blog is scorchingly honest, usually sexy, sometimes painful, and always worth reading.
2. Dumb Domme DD’s blog is all about “embracing dominance at the intersection of fuck and fail.” As one would suspect from that description, she is LOL funny. And smart. And she has this boy, J, who can drive her to exasperation…and (hypothetically, of course) inspire brilliant ethnographic research.
3. DD and D/s Bella’s blog about the addition of Domestic Discipline and D/s dynamics to her marriage. It’s hot, thoughtful, hot, funny, hot, amazing, and did I mention–hot??
4. Exploring Surrender Conina’s take on deepening the already-there elements of D/s in an established marital relationship. She (and he) amazes me.
5. I know that, but explains that “I will use swearwords frequently. I will incite evil amongst the masses. Blood will rain, screams will be heard, as I command my forces against our dreaded foe: the aphid.” A pervert AND a gardener! It doesn’t get much better than that. LOL
6. Kink in Motion She’s quirky and kinky and funny and profound and very very busy. She hasn’t been writing very often lately but it’s worth the wait.
7. Kinky Desoto OMG, her life wears me out. I don’t know how she does it. I’ve been enjoying the vicarious ride, though. 🙂
8. Modesty Ablaze Another woman up with whom I could not keep. And an author. Go check her stuff on Smashwords, she’s blazing.
9. My Sex Life With Lola HH has created one (epically) long prose love-poem to his beloved Lola, “feminist, lover, exhibitionist, nymphomaniac, woman.”
10. SexTails Naughty stories that will raise your temperature by several degrees. Mm, mm, mm. 😉
11. Temperature’s Rising Oh, and likewise. Mrs Fever is hot. And snarky. But mostly hot. Usually. 😀
12. The Black Leather Belt Oh Lily, where to start? I love this blog. She’s a previously closeted perv who writes about her ridiculously awesome adventures with her Dom/Husband, Bryce, and her sub/girlfriend, Holly. What a romp.
13. Velvet Thoughts  Aemilia Hawk’s blog on all things Gothic, Victorian, and Mistress-y. Also, she posts some really great videos. 🙂
14. You Linger Like A Haunting Refrain Fatal’s blog. Lyrical, arousing, stimulating, inspiring. You’ll need a cigarette after you read this.

4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominees links in your post and comment on their blogs to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate

5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you:

The Dom Next Door is an amazing, erotic, funny, romantic, perverted blog, written primarily by Scot of “Scot and Leigh,” reflecting on the relationship between a Sir and his doll. This record of their relationship as a loving, married couple, and their explorations into D/s, regularly exceeds the upper-most range of the Scoville Scale.

In his nomination, Scot said my blog “requires fireproof screens for viewing.” Fireproof screens? Awwww, Scot, you say the sweetest things. 😀

If you don’t know TDND, I highly recommend you check them out.

Deviant Diaries is a (sadly private) blog, about one woman’s discovery of her kinky side post-divorce, single parenting, and dating “sextastrophies.” She’s funny, erotic, occasionally neurotic (I resemble that remark), smart, and self-deprecating, all while describing her search for that certain somebody (or Somebody, as the case may be) to fulfill her needs for a sub, and a Daddy.

In her nomination, she said “We share a lot of the same traits, and she shares, well everything lol. I admire her honesty and she has wicked good taste in sexy, kinky music!” I think that’s a nice way of saying I share TMI. LOL
You can always request permission to view her blog. If you’re lucky, she’ll say yes.

6. Scot’s addendum to the Unicorn award: I must post which TDND post I like the most, and why.

Dammit, Scot, that’s a very hard task. TDND is one of the blogs that I routinely send to my Sir because it is just So. Fucking. Hot. Since picking just one post out of all of them is nearly impossible, I’m going to bend the rules a little and direct you all to The Seek & Go Hyde series. Hyde is the monster inside Scot, and when he comes out to play, things get very interesting indeed. You can read this series in all its 3-part (so far) glory here: Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3.

Be forewarned, it’s a panty-wetter. 😉