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(Aural Sex Part I) (Aural Sex Part III)

Rihanna, S&M. Because I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it. 😉

Halestorm, I Get Off: A voyeur + an exhibitionist = A Match Made In Heaven.

The Divinyls, I Touch Myself: The sexiest masturbation song EVAH.

Aerosmith, Pink: NOT the official video, because THAT is disturbing, and the antithesis of sexy LOL

The Burned, Hard Lesson: If this doesn’t make you hot, you’re not listening closely enough. 😉

Gitane Demone, Tongue of Fire: Straight-out kink

Klute, Fuck Da World: For those devotees of gay porn. Yes, I am one, and this song puts pictures in my head that would burn your eyebrows off. LOL

Joan Jett, The French Song: Not Joan’s only kinky vid, but definitely the best. Wouldn’t mind being in that collar…..