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(Aural Sex Part II) (Aural Sex Part III)

Slash & Fergie, Beautiful Dangerous: This one is Sir’s ringtone. ‘Cause yeah, he makes me feel that way.

Fujiya & Miyagi, Black and Blue: Hot movie, hot music.

Dave Navarro, Venus in Furs: Better than the original, I think.

Amanda Palmer, Want It Back: This one is so sexy it’s restricted access; you can only find it if you already have the link. Definitely not designed for American sensibilities. LOL

Sublime, Caress Me Down. ‘Cause I love eating mushrooms. 😉

The Constellations, Felicia: Mmmm, pin-up girls!

Shawn Mullins, Light You Up: I had NO IDEA this boy could be so sexy.

Justin Timberlake, Sexy Back: Same with this one. Who knew????