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I was inspired to finish this after reading Bliss, a hot, sexy post from Conina at Exploring Surrender. If you don’t already know her, you need to go visit. You’ll be glad you did. 😉

If you’ve read Sunday Morning Submission Part 1 or Part 2 (and if you haven’t, you really should! :)), then you already know how my Sunday started. This is the story of how it ended.


There were constant reminders of our morning play–the residual pain in my poor flogged pussy, the lovely well-fucked feeling in my ass and cunt, the memories of sucking him that would flash in my mind at random and leave me panting and gasping…But the biggest reminder of all was my swollen, aching clit and throbbing, unsatisfied pussy.

Yes, you read that right–I was still unsatisfied. You may wonder how that’s possible, even for Himself’s greedy little slut. First, let me say: Don’t judge. 😉 Second, allow me to explain:

Of all the (9, 10, or maybe even 11!) types of orgasms we’re capable of, I most often have clit, deep-spot, cervical, g-spot, or anal orgasms–sometimes more than one kind at the same time, which is just as fantastic as it sounds. I’ve also had oral orgasms (when pleasuring Himself), skin orgasms (when he comes on me, especially on my face), and fantasy orgasms (look ma, no hands!), and I’ve come really, really close to a nipple orgasm (guess we’ll just have to keep practicing on that one). I love them all, and I can’t really say I have a favorite.

I am horny most of the time (take that, menopause myths!), which means I want orgasms a LOT. The easiest type for me to have alone is, unsurprisingly, a clitoral orgasm. I also get g-spot/squirting orgasms from clitoral stimulation when I am that special kind of horny that comes from lots of teasing from Himself, or prolonged exposure to kinky shit, or nipple pumping, or days without sex (Himself travels a lot), or pleasuring Himself multiple times with no relief for me….

Once I’m at the level of horniness, nothing, and I mean nothing, will get rid of the never-ending clit hard-on or the g-spot engorgement except for a clitoral orgasm. If I’m really, really turned on, it can take 5 or more in quick succession to get real relief.

So in our Sunday morning scene, I had this great, fantastic, mind-blowing deep-spot orgasm and I was a happy, happy wench. But I was on all fours and for some reason that I have not yet figured out, I haven’t had a clitoral orgasm in that position in years. This is inexplicable to me; how can I be capable of 25 orgasms in a row on my back, but can’t have even one on my hands and knees??

Whatever the reason, it doesn’t happen; even with Himself, myself, and the vibrator working away, there was no clitoral orgasm. Which left me with a weird combination of satisfaction and frustration that lasted All. Damn. Day.


I told him in the shower, right after our scene, that I was probably going to want sex again Sunday night due to the orgasm issue. I’m not sure he thought I was serious, but by bedtime, I was crawling the walls, and I knew there wasn’t going to be any sleep for either of us unless I got off.

He demurred. I begged. He demurred again, and I begged some more. After torturing me for a while with thoughts of a sleepless, horny night, he finally had mercy on me, and ordered me to get naked. I got naked really fast. 😉

There’s a direct connection between my nipples and my cunt, and when Himself plays with my nipples, I’ll be squirming, gasping, and writhing within seconds. He likes those reactions, so he gives them a lot of attention. He started rolling them between his fingers, and pinching them, and clamping his fingers on them to twist them, pull them, and shake my breasts.

Then he started the flicking. OMG, I love the flicking. We discovered this a few years ago–neither of us can figure out why it took us so long–and from the very first time, it has worked to get me hotter faster than just about anything else he does to me. Flick, flick, tug, pull, flick, roll, tug…After a few minutes he grabbed my breast with one hand, immobilizing my nipple and forcing it to stand up tall and rigid, and then he flicked that captive nipple *hard* with his other hand, and I felt a gush of liquid in my pussy with every flick.

I dipped my fingers in my cunt to massage my g-spot, then out to rub my clit, and back to the g-spot…I was so wet I could feel it dripping down to my ass, and that excited me even more. I started focusing on my clit with only the occasional detour into my cunt, I felt every stroke deep down inside me, and oh god it felt good.

As I got closer, my clit got bigger and harder, my cunt gushed like a river, and I was moaning in ecstasy, and then Himself flicked my nipple really hard and said “Come,” and I did. The first orgasm hit me like a freight train, and before it even stopped the second one rolled over me, and then the third, and that was the strongest one, the one that took it all out of me, and I collapsed, squirting and panting and delirious, mumbling oh god, oh god, so good, oh fuck…

I came out of my post-orgasmic daze when Himself used my hand to rub his cock. He gets turned on watching me masturbate, and he was sporting a very impressive cock-stand. I held him naked in my hand, silky and warm and hard, and I stroked him, moaning with hunger for him. I took him in my mouth, and the taste and feel and scent of him got me wet and throbbing all over again. I sucked his cock and licked his balls and sucked his cock again. I was doing my best to suck the chrome off his tailpipe (heh), and he liked that, I guess, because he got even harder. I tasted pre-cum on my tongue, and then he pumped his hips hard and growled and came in my mouth, and I bucked too, because it turns me on so fucking much to make him come.

As I licked him clean he stroked my hair and said, “Well, aren’t you an obedient little wench?” I paused and asked, “Was I a good girl?” He chuckled and said, “Yes, you were a very good girl.”

Those are some of the sweetest words a wench can ever hear from her Master, and it made me very happy indeed. I snuggled down onto his shoulder, smiling in the dark, and fell asleep in his arms.