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(Read Submission, Part 1)

When he was done flogging me, he handed me my trusty pocket-vibe.

Himself: “Masturbate.”

Me: “Yes Sir!”

(I really can’t convey the fervent nature of that response in print, so you’ll just have to imagine it for yourselves. ;))

I did my best to follow orders, while he stroked a finger up and down my slit, and then slid it deep into my pussy. It felt good. Really good. I got lost in the feeling of his body inside mine, but I wanted more—I wanted his cock in me. I pushed back against his hand, begging, and felt a second finger slide into my cunt.

I shuddered as my pussy clamped down on him. He kept pumping me, in and out, in and out. It wasn’t his cock, but it was good, and I relaxed into the steady rhythm of it, enjoying the sensation of his fingers filling me, and the buzzy vibrator on my clit.

Then I felt a finger slide into my ass.

And I was gone, just completely gone. I forgot the vibe, I forgot everything except the feeling of his fingers inside me, and I was soaring, just giving myself over to it…and then I felt another finger push into me. Honestly, I don’t even know which hole it was that time, I was so far past rational thought by then. I can’t even describe how it felt, to be so full, and have him stroking me so hard, and harder, and harder…

And then he put another one in.

I fell completely apart. I mean, I was not even in the same solar system anymore. I had, by my (admittedly questionable) count, 5 fingers filling me, and he was pumping them in and out, so smooth, so hard, and it was unspeakably good.

And then my husband, my Dom, my Master, my MAN, he took it up another notch, and started stroking my clit. I remember thinking, “What is that, 6?! how is he DOING that?!” And then he drilled into me, hard, really hard, and…

I’m aware that some women don’t like cervical contact during sex, but I am not one of those women. Hitting bottom is one of the (many) things Himself does that I had never experienced before him, and I love it, I can’t get enough of it. And I was feeling so good already, I didn’t think it could get better, I didn’t, and then he proved me wrong, again, because he hit bottom, and he kept hitting bottom, every stroke, his fingers filled me, and my clit was swollen and aching and it just got better, and better, and then everything inside me just exploded. I could feel my cunt clamping down on his fingers, and I felt the orgasm thrumming deep, deep inside me, and it kept going and going, with every stroke another spasm, until he gently slid his fingers out of me.

That was when I learned, once again, that I am a greedy little slut, because I wanted more. Before I had even finished coming, I was pushing back into him, wanting his beautiful cock inside me. And he obliged, yes he did, because he loves his greedy little slut, and so he filled me with his cock, and he fucked me. Ecstasy rippled across my nerves every time his cock slid over my swollen g-spot like an unstoppable cascade of tiny little orgasms. I was on pleasure overload. My hands and feet were tingling, and they only tingle for truly exceptional sex. Exceptional, powerful, mind-blowing, intense, kinky, hot, animal sex.

And then (wait for it, wait for it)….

It. Got. Better.


He pulled out of my cunt and drove his cock deep into my ass, still stroking that g-spot with every thrust, and I lost what was left of my mind. At some point I realized, through the fog of sexual pleasure, that I had a death-grip on my chain (remember the chain? yup, still there), and I felt like I was filled with helium and if I ever let go, I would just float away.

(Have you ever seen Disney’s animated Peter Pan? Do you remember the big Newfie, Nana, who floated to the end of her chain after she got fairy-dust bombed? Yeah, it was just like that. :D)

I had another series of tiny little orgasms while he fucked my ass, which reminded me of the vibrator, which had been buzzing away by itself, completely unnoticed, for a very long time, and so I grabbed it, and put it to use. His cock in my ass, the vibrations on my clit, and those tiny little orgasms running through my body kept me orbiting happily out in deep sub-space, right up until he pulled out of me.

I still wasn’t done, dammit. I wanted him to come in my ass so I could come with him, and squeeze his cock and milk him dry. I whimpered, but he just patted me on the rump and told me to stay as he walked out of the room.

Then he was back, standing over me, pumping his cock next to my cheek. I couldn’t see him, but I could feel him, and I could hear him, and that got the tremors going again. By the time he got close we were both breathing hard, masturbating for all we were worth, and then I heard his breath catch the way it does right before he comes so I turned, just a little, so my cheek was under his cock, and then…I almost came again, just from the submissive jolt I get when he comes on my face. I sighed contentedly and opened my mouth to let his cum drip onto my tongue. Mmmm, it was warm, and salty-sweet, the delicious taste of my Man. I licked my lips and smiled as he collapsed against me.

When he could move again he took off the blindfold and cleaned me up, unclipped my chain, ran his hands down my back, and took off my collar and cuffs. I love this part of it, the soft happiness and fierce joy that I feel when he takes care of me after a scene.


Later, in the shower, because it was still bothering me, I asked him why he didn’t come inside me. Was I doing something wrong? Was it…bad? He laughed and said, “I just fucked my wife in all 3 holes and then came on her face. That is not ‘bad.’ Do you know how many men would love to be able to do that? And I get to do it any time I want.”

Hmm. Well, okay then. Ignore my momentary lapse of reason and sanity. <BEG>

And then, because it was still bothering me, I asked him if he had been mad at me when we started.

Himself, puzzled: “No.”

Me: “I thought I’d done something wrong, that you were punishing me, that that’s why you were hitting me so hard.”

There’s this look he gets on his face when he’s simply confounded by the emotional knots I’ve tied myself into. He gave me that look, shook his head, and said “I was doing that because I wanted to.”

Me, in a very small voice: “Oh.”

I was relieved to know I’d (eventually) figured that one right. And I only asked him two more times before I believed him.

I also had to know how he’d worked the finger thing; I couldn’t visualize how he had room for both hands down there, or how he’d moved them together so well. He showed me what I am calling the scissor technique: hands in prayer position, then spread the fingers: pinkies up by the clit, ring fingers and one middle finger in the cunt, the other middle finger and an index finger (or 2) in the ass.

Fucking brilliant. That one has a permanent place in the play book.


I had a big, goofy grin on my face for the rest of the day.

And the night.

But that’s another story. 😉