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More or less.

These are the results, anyway, from the quiz floating around on FetLife, “Do you have an inclination for BDSM?” It’s quick, it’s succinct, and it’s actually mostly accurate, except the degradation score should be much lower. And I don’t think I’d be that much of a sadist if I ever got a willing crash test dummy to practice on…

You scored as submissive

  • Submissive  89%
  • Bondage 89%
  • Exhibitionist / Voyeur 89%
  • Experimental, 86%
  • Switch, 82%
  • Masochist, 71%
  • Sadist, 64%
  • Degredation, 46%
  • Dominant, 46%
  • Vanilla, 7%

It should be noted that ‘submissive’ is at the very top of the list, although I would have actually expected a slightly higher score there–this is who I am and what I live. Maybe the fact we’re not strict D/s, with rules and protocols and all that bullshit, plus the fact that I’m not kinked for service, brought the score down.

I’ll own the masochist label. My darling Master (MDM) tends to give out a little more than I would want on my own, but I take it and enjoy it and get hot as hell, so clearly there’s a little bit of a pain slut in there somewhere. And I get all proud that I got through it, that I took it for him, to please him (there’s that submissive thing again :)). That masochist side of me seems to be increasing in recent years, so apparently I’m still evolving. lol

The switch/sadist/dominant part of me doesn’t have an outlet, sadly. I need to find a sub, or at least a bottom, of my own to play with. I have lots of evil ideas that I’d love to try out on somebody else besides myself. <BEG>

I am shocked–shocked, I tell you!–at the high degradation score. ‘Cause I don’t like that shit AT ALL. Except–and this is the only explanation I can think of–I love it when he calls me pet names (his whore, his slut, his little slave girl) or talks dirty to me. But calling me stupid, worthless, yadda yadda yadda, all that typical humiliation shit, or making me do humiliating things in public? No, no, no, that won’t work with me at all.

I want him to beat the hell out of me, yes, and then fuck me silly, but I want him to hold me and soothe me afterward, and still respect me in the morning.

Lucky me, ’cause that seems to be pretty much what he wants too.